Cancellation Policy

Allgenericpills is one of the most trusted online pharmaceutical stores. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We provide our customers with efficient customer service irrespective to the monetary value of the orders. We always ensure that the ordered products reach our customers within time.

Our cancellation policy is smooth, keeping in mind by providing our services as flexible as possible. There could be numerous reasons behind order cancellation by the customers or by us which are explained below. Our cancellation policy applies to situations when-

  • Any product which is ordered by the customer is limited in stock. Allgenericpills cancels these orders to avoid unnecessary inconvenience caused to customers later.
  • Any buyer has any problem with our products. In such cases, we have an in-house support team that gets in touch with the customer to discuss the problems faced, and then a solution is reached amicably.
  • The product ordered by the customer is not in stock. Allgenericpills sends messages to customer’s mobile, informing the customer about the same immediately in such cases.
  • There is a problem regarding payment which is done online. In such cases, we inform the customer that the transaction was cancelled due to the failure of making payment.
  • We give our customer the option to cancel their orders anytime. But the reason provided for this should be valid and within the terms and conditions of Allgenericpills.
  • The receipt is not generated after the payment had been completed. In such cases, when the customer is confused we inform the customer via e-mail informing them about the same.
  • The customer is not satisfied after using our product. In such cases, they can raise a complaint through our customer care number against Allgenericpills. Our executive will cooperate with the customer, and if found guilty the money is refunded.  
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