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    What is Cabergoline?

    Cabergoline is an effective medicine that is widely used to treat a high level of prolactin hormone present in a women's body. Due to the presence of a high level of prolactin hormone women have to suffer from various problems like missed periods, unwanted breast milk.

    Sometimes due to the presence of this problem women may also face difficulty in becoming pregnant. It is one of the most severe conditions faced by a woman that is why most the doctor would recommend to Buy Cabergoline to overcome women from this problem.

    On the other hand, a high level of prolactin hormone in men can also cause various problems that include and largest breast and low Desire of sexual ability. This medicine works best by blocking the release of prolactin hormone from the pituitary gland.

    Uses of Cabergoline

    Cabergoline is a very effective medicine that can be used against the treatment of various types of problems that may occur in an individual due to the release of a large amount of hormone called prolactin in the individual body. This tablet is widely used for the treatment of menstrual problems and infertility problems in men and women.


    The right doses of taking Cabergoline pill should be according to the prescription given by a Health Care provider and pharmacist. The dosage of this medicine largely depends upon the medical condition of the individual and his or her response to the treatment.

    Depending upon the medical condition of an individual a doctor may suggest starting this medicine with a low dose and slowly. He may suggest increasing the dose of what's your body gets habitual to it.


    Before starting your medication with Cabergoline, you must proper take care of such things which include the following:

    You must tell your doctor or Health Care provider about any allergy to the ingredient present in this medicine.

    This medicine is having some inactive ingredients which may seem to provide certain symptoms of side effects to your body. It is advisable to tell your doctor in advance about your ongoing medicines and your allergic conditions.

    It is also very important that you should tell your doctor about your medical history so that depending upon your medical condition he will be able to suggest the right dosage of taking Cabergoline. If you are having a history of Kidney Disease, liver disease, or high blood pressure 10 your doctor must be well aware of it.

    Cabergoline medicine may interact differently with alcohol so it is quite unsafe to consume alcohol when you are under the medication of Cabergoline.

    Benefits of Cabergoline tablet

    This medicine is used against hyperprolactinemia which means the presence of a high level of prolactin hormone in your body. One of the benefits of using this medicine is that it helps in reducing the level of prolactin in the body of an individual. It also helps in reducing various symptoms which have been experienced by an individual due to the presence of the high amount of prolactin hormone in your body. This medicine helps a man to have better sex desire and also helps women how to get relief from irregular periods.

    What are the side effects of Cabergoline?

    Some of the common side effects caused by the consumption of Cabergoline tablets include stomach upset, vomiting, nausea, constipation, lightheadedness, dizziness, drowsiness, and many more. If any of the symptoms of Side Effects may last for a longer duration of time in your body then you must consult your pharmacist or doctor promptly.

    Frequently asked questions

    What happens if you take too much of Cabergoline?

    Sometimes due to the extra dosage of this medicine then an individual has to suffer from serious side effects. If your condition may become worse and then there is a possibility that you have to suffer from trouble breathing and in such a situation you have to connect to your doctor as soon as possible. Some of the symptoms of overdose of this medicine main cause Side Effects which may include mood swings, dizziness, drowsiness fainting.

    What if you forget to take Cabergoline tablets?

    If you find out that you have forgotten to take Cabergoline medicine then you don't need to panic and whenever you find out about your missed dose you should take it as soon as you remember. But one thing to be kept in mind is if the next scheduled dose time is near then skip the missed dose otherwise you have to suffer from the problem of an overdose of this medicine.

    How does Cabergoline work?

    Cabergoline starts working by providing a message to the brain to stop releasing the protecting hormone from the pituitary gland and so an individual gets relief from hyperprolactinemia. With the regular use of carbon Gold line according to the dosage given it may find out that your condition of prolactin levels becomes normal within six months. If certain symptoms are again seen then there is a chance that your body again starts releasing a high amount of prolactin hormone.

    How to take Cabergoline?

    If you want to get most of the benefit from Cabergoline, then you need to complete the dosage of this medicine as per the prescription and dosage gave by your doctor or Health Care provider. To keep you updated it is advisable to mark the days on the calendar when you need to take the Cabergoline tablet so that you don't miss the dose.

    What are the common drug interactions?

    Due to drug interactions, your medication will alter its effect so it is advisable to tell your doctor about all the products you are currently consuming. One thing also kept in mind is that you do not stop, start or change the dosage of this medicine without any doctor's prescription. Some of the common drug interactions may include metoclopramide, haloperidol, chlorpromazine, prochlorperazine, itraconazole, and many more.

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