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Secure payment

For doing payment at All Generic Pills, you have the option of using either your debit or credit cards. All types of cards are accepted by us including VISA, Master Card, Maestro, and American Express.

Payment via the Internet is made on the bank’s protected page. The security of all the data including that of your card details and payment authentication is undertaken by the payment gateway. Also, the entire payment process is done on the webpages of the payment gateway site.

The transmission of your card data and other confidential information like amount is done through a secured and encrypted data public network using the standard SSL protocol and PKI system. Payments can be done at any time of the day or night and also on weekdays and holidays. After making the payment, you will be receiving an e-acknowledgment receipt within a few minutes.

The use of private information

We assure you that any information provided by you to us is not used in any informal or illegal way, which may put you in loss or damage. This information includes any service we provided you earlier, data collected about client interests and preferences about our services through surveys and feedback, and information about your products and services.

If you provide your e-mail address to All Generic Pills or had provided the same to us before or if we get it from some other sources we might send you bids electronically via e-mails. Such bids are set by us based on your previous orders and purchases or data collected by us through online surveys or data collected by us through marketing organizations and data agencies. While sending you e-mails, we would be able to identify whether you can receive HTML messages which contain enriched graphics. If your e-mail is set up such that it can receive these graphically enriched HTML messages we may send you HTML e-mails.

Before making the payment while placing your order, we would need your basic information like your full name, address, e-mail id, phone number, and company information (if the entity is a company). Once you provide this data and make the payment online we would begin the process of delivering the goods to your address. After you successfully place an order you can also track the status of your order at our website.

Through our brand name, we ensure the protection of privacy of all our customers. We collect only the basic information about you which is required for placing the order. We ensure good business practices and business ethics and strive to provide the best quality of customer service. We also provide you the option of deleting us from your mail list and unsubscribe us so that you do not receive any emails from us in the future. Our electronic data storage mechanism is foolproof and only accessible to our employees. Our employees always ensure that customer or any prospective customer’s data is protected from unauthorized access.

We ensure that the data collected by us is not used for any other purpose like selling data to other marketing organizations for profit generation or revenue generation because we are not involved in the selling of online data.

All Generic Pills only buy online data from authentic data marketing organizations. Along with these we also collect, analyze and process information regarding the number of visitors on our websites, their preferences or choices, the products searched for, the number of orders processed per day, products bought, amount spent per customer per product. We use all this information and collate them to make improvements to our websites so that they become-more customer friendly; it looks more attractive and appealing, product searching becomes easier, customers find product which suits their needs. We also improvise on the security parameters to give you an experience of convenient shopping.

AllGenericPills uses cookies to make you use the internet as per your needs. A cookie is a small data which is sent by a website. This data is stored by the user’s web browser on the user’s hard drive of the computer. Cookies do not transport viruses. Cookies are also not used to run any malicious programs on your computer. A cookie is uniquely assigned to you, which can be used by the web server in the domain which sent them. Cookies store previously entered information and thus saves time. 

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