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    What is Gabapentin?

    Gabapentin is the medicine suggested by most health care provider to be used with different other medications to control and prevent seizures. This medicine is also prescribed to get relief from various nerve pain caused in adults.

    This medicine is available as an oral drug that is mainly used to relieve the nerve pain caused by shingles infection. This medicine is a General drug and is available under the brand name called Neurontin.

    If you want to get long-term benefits then do not stop taking this medicine once you get relief from your nerve pain. You should complete your dosage with this medicine as per the prescription given by the doctor.

    Uses of the Gabapentin

    Gabapentin medicine can be used under the following conditions:

    One of the most important uses of this medicine is to treat an individual from partial seizures. This medicine is prescribed to be taken together with other seizure medications. It can be used by adults and in children above the age of 3 years who have the problem of epilepsy.

    This medicine is also useful for the treatment of postherpetic Neuralgia. This is one of the most effective medicine to get an individual relief from nerve pain that is caused by shingles.


    It’s important to take the dose of this medicine as prescribed by the doctor or any medical practitioner. Taking a dose at the scheduled time provides benefit to the people. If you want to take the most benefit out of this medicine that you must be very considerate about the dosage of medicine. Take only the prescribed dosage as suggested by your doctor.



    Alcohol causes various health problems and whenever you are under the medication of any medicine it is advisable to not consume alcohol. Same with the condition of Gabapentin. If you are taking this medicine then it is not advisable to consume alcohol is may alter its effect and it may not be able to provide desired results.


    There is a chance that a negative impact may be seen in the growth of the baby so it is advisable to seek medical attention before starting your medication with Gabapentin by pregnant women.


    There is a chance that this medicine may pass through the breast milk and may affect your baby. Hence adverse effects may see in your baby if this medicine is consumed by a breastfeeding mother.

    Liver diseases

    Various studies have shown that by taking precaution measure a person who is suffering from liver disease can take this medicine. But it is advisable to let your doctor know about your liver condition before starting this medication.

    Benefits of Gabapentin tablet

    As discussed earlier one of the great benefits of consuming this medicine is to provide relief from partial seizures in adults and children.

    Moreover, this medicine is also prescribed how to get relief from nerve pain which is caused by shingles infection.

    What are the Side effects of Gabapentin?

    As there are several benefits of this medicine but the consumption of Gabapentin Tablet shows side effects on the people. The side effect symptoms may disappear after the body accept the medicine.

    The most common side effect that takes place in 10% of people who take this medicine includes sleepiness, dizziness, difficulty walking, water retention, and many more.

    Some other side effect that people face after consumption of Gabapentin includes diarrhea, fever, change in mood, memory loss, cough, bruising, vomiting, cough, trembling, weakness, urinary problem, and many more.

    Frequently asked questions

    What happens if you take too much of Gabapentin?

    In case of an overdose immediately contact your doctor. Overdose may create the problem of hyperactivity, behavioral problem, depression, anxiety, and other mood swings problems, lack of concentration, and many more. In such a situation you need to contact your doctor immediately. He may adjust your dose of medicine and reschedule them.

    What if you forget to take the Gabapentin tablet?

    In case if due to some condition you forget to take the medicine take the medicine as soon as possible. But keep in mind one thing that avoids taking this medicine if the schedule of taking the next dose is near. Because it will adversely affect your body and create side effects.

    How does Gabapentin work?

    Gabapentin medicine belongs to a class of medicine which is known as anticonvulsants. This medicine is highly effective to treat various medicines that worked similarly. This medicine helps in relieving nerve pain. It also helps in preventing the increased level of sensitivity that causes nerve pain. To treat Caesar this medicine helps in altering the effect of calcium by lowering down calcium which may cause seizures.

    How to take Gabapentin?

    The dose of Gabapentin which is described by the doctor depends upon several factors some factors include-

    • Your age
    • Other medical problem you are facing
    • The other form of Gabapentin you are taking.
    • The severity and type of the condition for which you are taking medicine.
    • At first the doctor will start your dose with small amounts. And after that, they adjust it.

    What are the common drug interactions?

    Gabapentin is a tablet that may interact with several other medicines. And with this interaction some serious Side Effects may cause in your body. Before starting your medication with this medicine it is always advisable to let your pharmacist know about all your ongoing medicine.

    If you find out that your body is getting any drug interaction and you may suffer from Side Effects then in such a situation consult your Healthcare provider as soon as possible.

    How to store Gabapentin?

    Storing Gabapentin medicine is a very serious task. If you want to increase the shelf life of your medicine then you must store it properly at room temperature. You should check the label of the medicine that also gives you an idea about storing this medicine free from the effect of the external environment.

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