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All Generic Pills deal with generic drugs only and no branded items are available with the portal. Hence, before getting any drug from the web store, make sure that you have consulted with a doctor.

What are generic medicines?

Generic drugs are those preparations which have a completely equal proportion of ingredients that you find in the branded drugs. However there can be some difference in composition ratio and also in the form of colors used in them. These all won’t have any therapy-related effects, but they are made different for distinguishing factors involved and these are named according to the formula or the basic ingredient that is used in those.

The therapeutic influence of the generic medicines is made equal to those of the original branded items and they are studied with several lab tests to perform the same way. In terms of effect on the body, both the generic and the original drugs show similar response to the body and the dosage of the medicine is also the same as the original ones. In simple terms, there is no difference between the original and the generic drugs, in terms of therapeutic tolerance.

Generic medicines are much cheaper in comparison to original medicines and they are the best choice to be availed after the patent rights of the original medicine expire. Since the initial lab research for making of the drug is not there in the case of generic medicines, they are so much cheap in terms of price and from the perspective of a patient; the investment risk is reduced to a great extent. The price deduction from the original medicines in case of generic drugs is near to 20 to 90% of the original and hence is often used in advanced health care systems.

Do Generic drugs have the same quality at a low price?

All the generic drugs are prepared under the jurisdiction of GMP rules. According to the rules, by no means, the composition of the original drug and the security that is attached to those can be deformed while preparing the generic drugs. So, the strictness that is applicable to the original medicines is also applied to the generic medicines and their compositions.

Benefits of Generic Drugs

  • Patients can have the same therapeutic aid, the same security and also the same effect that he would have got from the original medicines when compared with generic medicines, except the price reduction. Hence generic drugs can be availed at a much lower price.
  • In the medical world, the extra cost that is incurred on the branded medicines can be cut down and the same can be invested for critical illness to make the patient serving better.
  • A healthy competition between the original drugs and the generic helps in maintaining the powerful pharmaceutical market, where different innovations can be seen and experienced by all and the entire thing helps in serving the patients in a better way.

Still, when you are reaching at the All Generic Pills website, before purchasing any medicine, have a consultation with some doctor, so that you won’t have to compromise with your treatment.

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