Which countries are preferable for purchasing generic medicines?

Apart from countries such as Canada and the United States, generic pharmaceutical products are also manufactured in countries such as India and the European Union as well.

Are the drugs considered safe for application?

Because of the European as well as international legal guidelines enforcing the safety and viability of the medicinal drugs, the production of generic drugs is carried out while abiding by the health regulations with the highest standards of safety and quality. Therefore these drugs are safe for application.

What is the procedure of buying a drug via prescription?

Sending a scanned copy of your prescription to our email shall enable you with our medication delivery services, and we’ll then be sending you the prescribed drugs (for more details, click to https://www.allgenericpills.com/ ).

Considering the time taken for shipment and delivery, what can be the least amount of expiry duration of the drugs?

We have a strict policy of ensuring a minimum of six months of viability of the medicine before it gets expired, exclusive of the shipment and delivery period. In case you require an extended expiry date for a prolonged application, you can mention it by contacting our customer service employees.

Generally, how long shall it take for my prescribed drugs to arrive?

The usual time was taken from the ordering to the completion of shipment process isabout10 to 14 days. However, some delay may occur because of occasional technical problems, and the process may take 30 days at max.

One of the major delaying factors to the delivery is the time taken to gain approval from custom control, which may get extended mainly because of the large number of packages, legal protocols, also flight timings.

Is there any way to track the progress of my order?

Your order can be tracked down by using the tracking number assigned by the logistic company. In case you have lost the tracking number details, or have lost it, it is still possible to track your order, but it would require you to send a mail to the company, asking for the tracking number. While placing your order, you can always ask the name of the logistic service to our customer care service providers.

I have placed my order, can I cancel it now?

The provision of canceling your order shall be applicable only if the order has not been dispatched for shipment yet. In the aforementioned situation, your ordering amount shall be refunded, and you will be charged with the cancellation fee only. However, in case the orders have already been processed or shipped by us, it shall not be canceled, which in some cases, can happen within 12 hours after the order placement.

In case I get the wrong dosage of medicinal delivery, what should I do then?

Under such circumstances, it is really crucial to contact us immediately. As soon as we get your message of an error in delivery, we shall be sending you the correct dose of the medicine.

Though I had finished my ordering procedure, I have not received any confirmation mail yet. Why is it so?

  • Followed by your placement of the order, you’ll be receiving the confirmation email automatically within a few seconds.
  • In case you did not receive a confirmation mail despite placing the order, it may be due to the following reasons:
  • Perhaps our confirmation mail has not reached your mailbox and may have reached in the Spam or Junk mailbox.
  • In case our confirmation mail is in the Spam or Junk mailbox, try to find the  “Mark as good“ option or “Add a sender to white- list.“ By doing this, it will stop the emails from entering in Spam or Junk mailbox in the future.

What if I had mistakenly entered an incorrect email address?

Providing an incorrect email address you entered when registering an order is one of the most common reasons for not receiving a confirmation mail. In that case, you will have to repeat the registration process while using the correct email address.

Why some of the medicines found at conventional pharmacies are not found or sold in online pharmaceutical platforms?

In case of some therapeutic drugs, there exist some legal procedures that restrict their availability only to the conventional pharmacy stores.

Why despite using card payment method previously, I cannot pay online now?

  • One of the probable causes is maybe you didn`t enter a password ( so-called Security code) in the last step.
  • Also, it might be possible that your bank uses Mastercard Security code and Verified by Visa protocols, which most often means that you have to use it for the other transactions, thus not allowing the transaction.
  • The main advantages of using MasterCard Security Code and Verified by Visa for online payments are that the user shall gain the information if his card has been used without his approval
  • Transmission of sensitive data is done between the Bank and the user so that all payments are made with the passcode or secure code that only card user knows.
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