fildena vs cenforce

Fildena vs Cenforce : Which is better

What are Fildena and CenforceFildena medication for ED is an online available pill form of medication for curing your impotence and ED.

Using the pills of Fildena one can get hard penis erections. Although it is not FDA approved and is sold as an OTC type medicine it still has a huge number of users worldwide.  

Being popular in its use among several ED patients it is one of the most common ingredients of generic Sildenafil.  
Cenforce yet another oral pill with Sildenafil Citrate as the generic ingredient in it can bring you hard erections.  

Using Fildena is common among all ED and impotence patients whether your ED is a case due to any physical or psychological disorder.    

Cenforce generic Sildenafil acts to increase the blood flow in your body deactivating the effects of PDE-5 hormones in your body.
DosageFildena 100 is recommended and a standardized dose accepted by the doctors.

There are other doses smaller than the 100 mg dosage for this generic Sildenafil brand too.  

Thus we recommend patients discuss with the doctor to know which dosage is going to provide the best benefits for them.  
With a slightly high-intensity working medication, the standard for Cenforce is taken at 50 mg.

There are both higher and smaller doses available too in the market.

It’s good always to start your daily dose from a low-end dose and then subsequently going on taking it higher until you have found the right dose.
PrecautionsThe precautionary measure is to ensure that your daily pill for Fildena is taken on time.

There could be a severe interaction with grapefruit juice which should be avoided.

Apart from this alcohol is another beverage that has also shown mild contradictory indications.
Taking your timely pill for Cenforce is essential to keep having the continuing good effects on erections.

One of the things to be on your avoiding list is alcohol with its high contradicting chances.   
Side effectsHeadache
Stomach cramps
Blurry vision
Hearing sensation reduced
Chest pain
Fall in blood pressure

See it is not that any patient will simultaneously suffer from all the side effects as mentioned above.   

And neither is the intensity of the medications the same for all patients.    

It is thus informed to the patients to closely analyze all the side effects discuss their intensities with the doctor.  

Any recurring nature of side effect and severe intensity in side effect should be of most concern.
Digestion problems
Pain in erections
Rashes Flushing
Heart attack    

Again it has to be mentioned that not all patients will have the same intensities even for the same side effects.   

You also need to understand that the higher the dosage the more are the chances of severe side effects.  

Any type of highly uncomfortable or severe nature side effect needs you to inform the doctor as soon as possible.
What drugs interact with Fildena and Cenforce?Some drugs have shown to have to contradict interacting nature with Fildena which are-
Some antibiotics
HIV drugs
Blood pressure controlling pills
Interactions of Cenforce are common with the drugs as we have given below-
Antiviral generic medications
Anti-blood coagulants
Medicines with alpha-blockers
AIDS pills
PriceFildena 100 mg = $83(90 Tablet/s)Cenforce 100mg = $83(90 Tablet/s)
Prescription required?The Fildena brand is not requiring you to validate using a doctor’s prescription while buying.As with generic Sildenafil Fildena, you don’t also don’t need a prescription to buy the pills of Cenforce.
Active ingredientSildenafil Citrate a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor is the generic ingredient in medicine causing you penile hardness.  

Among the numerous brands that there are Fildena is a well-known common ED medication.
Sildenafil is again the main ingredient of the pills giving you the potent hardness in your erections.  
As with Fildena, you get Sildenafil within the pills of Cenforce too.
EffectivenessThe effectiveness of Fildena as the patients have reported seems to be quite okay.  

It’s a highly effective medicine with clear effects on your erections.
Cenforce is a super active vigorously acting medication bringing in the potent hardness in erections.  
How fast does it work?Taking around 15-20 minutes to show off the effects on your erections generic Sildenafil Fildena is one of the fastest reacting medications.With the pills of Cenforce, you have to wait for around 30 to 45 minutes as waiting time for the actions of Cenforce pills to begin.
How long does it last?The lasting time for Fildena even at the highest dose is around 4 hours maximum.The lasting time for Cenforce with its highest dose of 100 mg has a higher lasting time capped at around 6 hours.
How to take it?Being an oral pill all you have to do is take some water and ingest the pills as a whole without crushing or breaking on them with your teeth.  

It is a better idea to avoid using grapefruit juice as it’s a highly contradictory agent.
With an oral pill of Cenforce, you will be taking in the pills with water and ingesting it whole.      

With a high contradicting indication with alcohol, it is one of the substances that better be avoided during intake of the pill.
Selling pointAvailing your medicine strips for Fildena is cannot be much easier.   It’s easily available on any medicine website or even at your local medicine shop.Being available in both online medicine websites and on local medicine shops sourcing your daily Cenforce tablets should not be much of a fuss.
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