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How to Stop Breast Milk when not Pregnant?

How to Stop Breast Milk when not Pregnant?

Lactation is the process of milk production and milk secretion through the mammary glands that are in breast milk. This is a phenomenon that is normal to women who are in the mature stages of their gestation period or pregnancy or those who have just had childbirth.

But it milking from the breasts may also be a phenomenon that is occurring to females if not pregnant. The question that we will get to know here today is how to stop breast milk when not pregnant?

The process of milking and secretion of milky liquid from the breasts is a situation that may occur when you have the problem of galactorrhea or as the name of the disorder grows. This situation may arise because of various problems.

According to scientists who have done research on this on average around 25 percent of women have a chance of suffering from this problem.

What symptoms may you notice if you are facing milk secretion problems even when not pregnant?

What symptoms may you notice if you are facing milk secretion problems even when not pregnant?

Of course, the disorder galactorrhea is easily visible through some symptoms. The most common symptom that you may experience in women is a secretion of milk occurring randomly.

Some other symptoms may occur as well. you need to know that there may be other symptoms as well such as enlargement of breasts, irregular periods, low sexual interests and low sexual drive, nausea, acne, abnormal hair growth, and vision problems.

Some causes of milk oozing out of breasts even though not pregnant

Some causes of milk oozing out of breasts even though not pregnant

Before we get to know about how to stop breast milk when not pregnant we must take a look at some of the causes. If you wish to get rid of the disorder then you will have to gain some knowledge on how it may cause itself to gain a better idea on how to seek prevention.

There can be various reasons why female patients may have galactorrhea. It may occur from hormonal imbalances, medicine side effects, or even when you have a presence of other health conditions.

So the most common cause that you may be suffering from the problem of breast milk secretion even when not pregnant is the secretion of more levels of prolactin.

Prolactin hormone is one of the hormones that when in high levels you may be experiencing from such problems. When the levels of prolactin hormone are high it becomes difficult for the females to stop breast milk secretion. Such a phenomenon is quite common in women who suffer from prolactinoma or the name of the disorder that has been coined to name this situation.

There can also be some other causes that may ultimately lead to the rise of prolactin hormone in women or even in men.

Yes, one of the things that you must know about is that the problem of prolactinoma or galactorrhea may also occur in males.

So anyway here are some of the other reasons for untimely breast milk secretion even when not pregnant-



Underlying physical health problems


Stimulating the nipples too much

Now, these are just some of the general-purpose reasons. But apart from this, there are some specific medicines too that may result in prolactinoma that leads to galactorrhea

 These include-



Birth control

Medicines that control heartburn

Some painkilling medicines

Blood pressure medicines

Some medicines that are equivalent to hormones

Medical conditions

Medical conditions

Galactorrhea is also caused due by some medical conditions. Doctors say that this too can be one of the most common reasons why you are suffering from breast milk secretion when not pregnant.

Here are some of the common problems-


Kidney or liver issues

Severe stress

Tumors in the hypothalamus or disease in the hypothalamus

Trauma or damage to breast tissue

The high estrogen hormone in the body

Drug use

Drug use

One of the causes that may make you ponder about the concern of how to stop breast milk when not pregnant includes the use of some drugs. Yes, there are some drugs such as opiates, marijuana, and cocaine that can trigger the problem of breast milk secretion when not pregnant.

The main concern with the use of drugs is that this addictive habit issue may have problems further of its own. When you are using drugs regularly you need to inform the doctors about how much you use and how long you have been taking them. This can be one of the important things for doctors to consider when treating galactorrhea.

Breast stimulation

Breast stimulation

This is one of the rarer causes of galactorrhea or breast milk secretion when not pregnant. Breast milk secretion may occur when there is too much stimulation of the breasts which is normal during sexual activity.

It may also occur due to too much self-examination or stimulation of breasts or even when you wear tight clothes that stimulate the penis due to being in constant touch with the nipples.

Diagnosing for galactorrhea

Diagnosing for galactorrhea

Treatment will mostly depend on what is causing the problem in the first place. Doctors to know exactly how to stop breast milk when not pregnant will conduct several tests.

Doing such tests help them provide a marginal indication or complete affirmation behind the reason for the problem which then needs to be stopped with some form of treatment.

To diagnose doctors will check out your family history and even do a physical examination of the breast externally. Doctors will even take some of the secretions for testing the sample in a lab. You see when women suffer from breast cancer they can face similar problems. This is why they would conduct lab tests on the secretion samples to affirm that you are indeed suffering from galactorrhea and not breast cancer.

Treatment for galactorrhea when you are not pregnant-

Treatment for galactorrhea when you are not pregnant-

Once the doctors get to know the reasons for your galactorrhea problem and its severity problems you can find out about the best treatment ways from the doctor itself. Generally, some of the things can be done on your own such as avoiding overstimulation of the nipples or breast during sex or avoiding wearing tight clothes such that they do not come in direct contact with nipples. Of course, another change that you can bring in your lifestyle is to get rid of addictive tendencies to narcotic drugs and substances such as the use of opiates, marijuana, and cocaine.

Sometimes doctors will change the brand of medicines that you are using such as changing the dose or the brand of the pain killers or anti-psychotic pills or anti-depressant pills. If the problem is occurring due to a malfunctioning of the pituitary gland that leads to higher secretion of prolactin hormone doctors may need to conduct further tests and generally in such cases they will recommend you for surgery.

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