Here are some of the things to consider for staying hard after coming

How to keep a hard on after coming

When taking of sexual intercourses every man would just want to continue to keep it going after coming. But immediately after ejaculation, the penis becomes soft and you do not feel the same stimulation and passion from the inside. No matter how long you can keep your penis erect but after ejaculation, the erection will subside. how to keep a hard-on after coming.

So most men might be wondering how to keep a hard-on after coming?

There is a lot to understand and it is always important to note that women’s sexual psychology is not the same as the male. Females can have multiple orgasms in one go but not all men can have multiple comings during one sex session. For men, sexual performance is measured by how long can they last in bed Medicine Kamagra Oral Jelly, Vidalista 60, Kamagra 100 And Cenforce 200.

But after you come you would just feel weak and relax which is quite normal and our body is designed to work this way and hence is the question in you – how to keep a hard-on after coming.

Doctors and researchers with the sexual study of men always recommend that instead of multiple coming you should try and ensure that you make the first one as long as possible.

There are certain medications like gels and sprays and other methods available on how to keep a hard-on after coming. Here are some of the useful tips and products-

Use of delay sprays, ointment, and gels

You can apply such sprays, ointment, and gels on your penis that would help you to last longer in bed. These delay sprays contain an anesthetic substance called benzocaine that is also present in some of the condoms available in the market.

It works by relaxing the nerves of the penis region and thus allowing your ejaculation to delay and is the perfect answer to how to keep a hard-on after coming.

Enhance your sexual stamina

There are loads of sexual supplements available in the market that promise you to last longer but not all of them are equally good. Some of these sexual supplements boast a lot of things but the effects are low. Also, you might encounter a lot of side effects when you take these supplements.

If you want to know how to keep a hard-on after coming then it is important that while buying these supplements you need to make sure that the quality and the quantity of the substances are beneficial for you and do not cause any side effects.

While buying you need to search for certain ingredients that will ensure that you buy the right product. These products are horny goat weed, Chinese Gingseng, hawthorn berry, Gingko Biloba.

There are many more ingredients but you can search for these items and be absolutely sure that you have bought the right product – Fildena And Cenforce.

Check the testosterone levels

Testosterone hormone is known as the male hormone and it is responsible for a lot of things in the male body such as the voice deepening, facial hair growth and also controls your sexual drive.

Once men start growing older than their 40s or 50s they might have lower testosterone levels in their body and thus have a lower sexual drive. But it is quite common in young men.

If you are wondering how to keep a hard-on after coming then it is important that you maintain your testosterone levels in your body.

To keep regulate your testosterone levels you need to eat healthy foods that are beneficial for your sexual health and also do some exercises like kegel exercises daily.

Change sex positions

Sex positions can also ensure that you can last longer in bed. Some positions will allow you to ejaculate faster while others will ensure that you can delay your ejaculation. Also if you change sex positions it will give you some time to recover.

Also, you can control when to ejaculate thus you can control your erections and how to keep a hard-on after coming. You can do this by learning how to achieve an orgasm without ejaculating.

Exercises can help you out

There is a voluntary way in which you can keep your erections even after coming. You can also strengthen your muscles in the penis to make erections harder that will not subside after coming.

To strengthen then you can do a variety of Kegel exercises. Daily exercises can also lower the refractory period. The key is you need to exercise daily and do it for at least a couple of months to see the changes.

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Reasons why the erections subside after coming

To learn how to keep a hard-on after coming you need to understand what happens inside the male body after ejaculation. The sexual drive is first of all created by the brain which invokes the feeling to have sex. When you stimulate the penis it gets erected and thus you have sex with your partner.

When you stimulate it further you ejaculate after some time. After ejaculation, the brain sends signals to the penis that its objective to achieve orgasm has been completed after ejaculation and thus your erections subside.

Unlike women men have a period for getting sexually recharges once again. This period is called the refractory period and often increases with age.

Can it stay hard after coming?

Generally, erections will subside soon after ejaculation. But there are ways to keep it hard after coming. You can make use of the sprays, gels, and ointments or involve doing some exercises that will increase your sexual appetite and also eat foods that are good for your sexual health.

Doing these things will ensure that your refractory period will become shorter. It will also ensure that you can last longer before coming.

The porn industry has set the standards very high and those who are addicted to porn want to last longer and do it multiple times.

It is better to lengthen the time before ejaculation than to ejaculate multiple times. After ejaculation, you should also go through the refractory period by indulging in intercourses again. But you can make sure to reduce the refractory period by sustaining a healthier lifestyle and diet.

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