Armod 50mg (Armodafinil)

Active Ingredient: Armodafinil
Indication: Cognitive Enhancers
Manufacturer: Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Packaging: 10 Tablets in a strip
Strength 50mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Armod 50mg (Armodafinil) - 50mg

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What is Armod 50 mg?

Armod 50 mg is primarily used for curing the patient suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness issues which are known as Narcolepsy. This drug helps in improving wakefulness and helps the person to stay active and awake and also reduces the tendency to fall asleep during the daytime.

Who is the manufacturer of Armod 50 mg?

 The manufacturer of Armod 50 mg tablet is one of the well-known pharmaceutical companies Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Along with this drug, they also manufacture another drug that helps you to remain fit and fine.

Uses of the Armod 50mg

 NarcolepsyArmod 50 mg drug help in the treatment of Narcolepsy by promoting patient wakefulness with the problem of excessive sleepiness in the daytime. Narcolepsy causes irregularities in the cycle of sleep-wake.

Obstructive sleep apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome- Armod 50 mg drug is useful for patients suffering from a sleeping disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea or Hypopnea Syndrome. It is a condition in which the patient suffers from a shortfall of breathing for a shorter time or the breathing becomes shallow, which causes a reduction in sleeping at night and sleepiness in the daytime.

Sleep disorder during shift work- Armod 50mg helps in the production of exercise sleeping problem for the person you do not have any sleeping schedule because of the changes in their shift work.

Side effect

Apart from many uses of this medicine, sometimes its consumption shows side effects on the patient. The complications may not be dangerous for health but cause many issues in the body. Some of the issues that arise from eating this medicine include hypersensitivity, nausea, headache, confusion, unusual tiredness and weakness, trouble sleeping, chest pain, dizziness, and another side effect. When you feel this type of effect in your body contact your doctor immediately and tell them about all the symptoms you are facing. The doctor will advise you on some precautions and other medicine which help to overcome this medicine.


Missed dose

If you have forgotten the dose of Armod 50 mg tablet, Take it as soon as possible whenever you remind it. If the schedule of the next dose is almost near consume it as per your daily routine, don’t make mistake to double your dose. It is advisable to ignore taking this medicine if it’s almost a waking day.

Contact your doctor and take advice from that. You must need to inform them about the quantity of dose you have taken it will help them to give you adequate guidance.


Pregnancy– it is advisable not to take medicine during pregnancy, if it becomes necessary to take the medicine then contact the doctor and understand all its benefits and disadvantages before consumption of it.

Breastfeeding- it is advisable not to take this medicine if you feeding your baby. In case it’s important to take the medicine contact your doctor. The doctor me closely look after your case and if small side effects showed they may discontinue your medicine or breastfeeding.

DrowsinessArmod 50 mg Pills may not perfectly cure the issue of sleepiness that takes place because of the disorder. This may create the problem of dizziness or drowsiness in your body. Hence in such a situation ignore driving or use some machinery.

Alcohol- avoid the consumption of alcohol if you are taking the pills of Armod 50 mg. This may create the risk of dizziness, drowsiness, and Fault judgment.

Contraception- when you take Armod 50 mg tablet this may create a problem in the method of hormonal concept and you may face the problem of unwanted pregnancy. Hence you can take some alternative medicine To avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Drug Interaction

All medicines interact differently in the body of every person. You need to contact your doctor and discuss with them all interaction that occurs when you take medicine.

Interaction with medicine- Ranolazine, levomethadyl acetate, clopidogrel, citalopram.

Storage condition- keep Buy Armod 50 mg medicine below 30°c. It’s important to store at a place where it is out of reach for pets and children.

Why buy Armod 50 mg from us? 

When you buy medicine online from it becomes To buy the medicine. They provide medicine to your doorsteps and you can reach it easily. We offer Armod 50 mg medicine online to our customers. We are one of the leading sellers. Along with this medicine we also sell other medicines. We ensure a quality product for our customers. We deliver your medicine as soon as possible and help you to become healthy quickly. We also offer various discounts and offer when you buy medicine with us.

Can I take Armod 50 mg daily?

You can take Armod 150 mg tablet as per the prescription of the doctor. The doctor will see your health condition and will advise you on how to take this medicine and for how many periods. Hence before deciding to consume the medicine daily, firstly contact your doctor and as per their guidance start to take it. Don’t skip any dose and cover your full course unless you become perfectly fine.

Is Armod 50 mg safe?

Armod 50 mg is safe to use if you take it as per the schedule prescribed by the doctor. It’s essential to take it at fix time and amount. In case of overdose, it may show some side effects like chest pain, dizziness, and headache. Hence when you take it under the guidance of your doctor it helps you in curing your problems quickly.

Is it better to take Armod 50 mg in the morning or at night?

As per the doctor, you should take the dose of medicine once a day. If you are taking medicine to get a cure for Narcolepsy or Obstructive sleep apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome it is advisable to take it in the morning time. Apart from that if you are taking it for Shift work sleep disorder you should take this drug before 1 year of your shifting time.



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