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Assurans 20mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

Active Ingredient:

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Cipla Limited


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Assurans 20mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - 20mg

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What is Assurans?

Assurans commonly known as the blue pill are used for the intake of curing your erection problem.

Erections disorder of your penis known as erectile dysfunction is classified as a male sexual disorder in which the male partner is not able to have long salting hard erections.

Due to this, they are not able to penetrate the vagina, and thus the sexual bliss within a couple is affected.

Take a pill of Assurans is going to cure your problems with erection. This is pill has a main ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate which is used for improving the blood flow to your penis which is the central cause of your erection problems.

Assurans is a brand name and the blue ED pill for erection disorder is manufactured and distributed by Cipla Ltd. a well-known pharmaceutical company based in India.

Why You Need Assurans For Male Sexual Impotence!

An Assurans pill for sexual impotence is the cure for your erections disorder. You can take the pills for getting a temporary cure to soft or even no erections at all.

The pills will help you to have better erections and thus you intensify your sexual intercourses with your partner.

Unlike the other performance pills for sex, this is not able to increase your sexual performance and neither will it help you to elongate your ejaculation time.

This pill should only be used by a person who has problems in getting rock hard erections.

The Use of the Assurans

As mentioned above that the Assurans pills are mainly taken for ED. But apart from this, the pills have other uses for curing certain disorders as well.

This will help you to relieve the high pressure in the arteries and the blood vessels connecting the lungs, a disorder commonly known as pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Taking Assurans pills will help you to relieve the arteries and increase the blood supply to the lungs and the heart.

What is The Right Assurans Dosage?

If you are willing to take the medicinal route to cure your erection problems then use the Assurans pills only when you have been recommended by the doctor.

The use of these pills depends on a lot of internal factors about the patient that might vary from one person to the other.

The Assurans pills are recommended only the ED patients above 18 years of age. The right amount of dose only will help you in getting the maximum positive results. Taking a lower dose than what is necessary will not help you to get harder erections while taking a higher dose might induce side effects.

Apart from this, there are certain types of patients that are asked to maintain precaution while taking Assurance pills daily. Talk to the doctor to know more about your compatibility of using the Assurans pills and taking the right dosage.

What Happens if you take too much Sildenafil Citrate Assurans?

If you are recommended to take the Assurans pills daily then take one pill per day in the recommended dose only.

Do not increase the dose with the consultation of a doctor even if you are not getting harder erections.

Stay alert and always check the back cover before taking the pills if someone else is also using Assurance pills at your home but of a higher dose.

Dizziness, headache, and breathlessness are some of the common side effects. In case of severe side effects visit the nearest hospital.

What Precautions Are Required With Assurans?

The daily dose for Assurans pills needs to be taken in such a way that there is a constant level of Sildenafil in your body.

You also need to be aware of the fact that the Assurans pills are not good for you if you are taking medicines containing nitrate compounds. Talk to the doctor for getting some more specified information.

What are the Possible Assurans Side Effects?

The possible side effects include-






Stomach pains

Gastrointestinal problems

Chest pain

Sudden fall in BP

Fast, irregular heartbeat

Where to Buy Assurans Online?

You can buy Assurans pills online on various websites. But to ensure that you buy the pills of the best quality do not run after the best discounts.

Of course, you might look to save some money by ordering Assurans pills in bulk but make sure that you do not make your orders from unknown websites.

For the best prices and deals and complete assurance on the quality you can check out All Generic Pills which is one of the well-known and highly recognized portals online.?

How Does Assurans Work?

Assurans increases the blood flow in the blood vessels. This happens when Sildenafil becomes active.

After you have taken the pills you need to wait for some time usually 30 minutes for Sildenafil to become active.

It starts by blocking the PDE-5 hormones in the blood.

Once this is released in abundant quantities this will result in the release of nitric oxide which is a natural vasodilating agent in our body.

This helps in increasing the supply of blood to the penis tissues.

As a result of this, the penis tissues get filled with blood and there is an increase of blood flow to the penis.

Upon stimulating the penis you are sure to get harder erections.

How to Take Assurans?

Take Assurans pills for getting harder erections or high blood pressure problems anytime as per your work schedule. You can take it before having meals or on an empty stomach.

It is always best to take the pills half an hour before having sex.

There are generally no dietary changes to your diet. But taking the pills after heavy meals might deal in activating Sildenafil in your body.

You should not take the Assurans pills with alcohol or grapefruit juice. This will only risk the possibilities of severe side effects such as headache, severe drowsiness, and sudden fall in blood pressure.

Assurans Storage Conditions

The best storage condition for the Assurans pills is normal room temperature.

For your safety keep the pills out of the reach of children.

Assurans Reviews

Assurans has got good reviews from most ED patients and patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Taking this medicine most people were able to cure the erection problems completely. Once this pill starts working you can get relieved from the daily symptoms of ED and

high blood pressure.

In general, it has been observed that Assurans pills are compatible with most patients unless the patient is suffering from some severe cardiac and liver or kidney problems. The occurrence of side effects was also less.

Why Buy Assurans From Us?

There could be various websites available online for buying Assurans pills but you can trust us both on quality and for getting the best deals. We supply medicines to both domestic and international customers. You can be assured of the best quality as we source our pills directly from the manufacturer Cipla Ltd.

We also provide delivery of Assurans pills globally right at your doorstep. Also, our online portal is very customer friendly and we ensure a hassle-free buying experience for our customers.

For any of your queries and doubts, you can call on our customer helpline number and get a live chat facility on our website.

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