Duzela 20mg Capsule DR (Duloxetine)

Active Ingredient: Duloxetine
Indication: Depression, Anxiety disorder and Neuropathic pain
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 10 Capsule DR in 1 strip
Strength 20mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Duzela 20mg Capsule DR (Duloxetine) - 20mg

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What is Duzela 20?

Duzela 20 is a medicine that is highly required to treat the problem of anxiety disorder, depression diabetic nerve pain in a long run.

Due to the current work schedule of an individual, there are a lot of reasons which he has to suffer from anxiety issues.

It may lead to depression but by using Duzela 20 medicine as per the recommendation made by a doctor it becomes ideal for you to get yourself treated from the problem of depression and anxiety.

This tablet is having noradrenaline and serotonin as active ingredients that act as a chemical messenger. It provide a message to the brain.

Hence known for providing coming effect to the brain and relaxation to the nerve so that you will be able to treat yourself from depression and anxiety issue.

Uses of Duzela 20

Duzela 20 is one of the most effective medications that is widely used against the treatment of neuropathic pain, diabetic nerve pain, anxiety disorder, neuropathic pain, depression and to treat oneself from stress urinary incontinence.

If you want to take long-term benefits from this medicine, then it is highly recommended to complete the dosage as per the schedule given by a doctor.


To make it effective it is very important that you should take the ideal dose of Duzela 20. The dose should be according to the prescription given by your doctor.


Before starting your medication with Duzela 20 tablets you must take certain precautions which include the following:


It is very unsafe if you are under the consumption of alcohol regularly because it interacts with Duzela 20 mg tablets adversely and you may suffer from serious side effects.


According to various research, it has been finding out that consuming Duzela 20 mg tablets by a pregnant woman is quite unsafe. To have a better introduction it is advisable to talk to your doctor. If you are pregnant and wants to take this medicine to treat your depression problem.


There is a chance that this medicine may pass with the breast milk and harm the growing baby; so it is advisable to consult the doctor before starting this medication by a breastfeeding mother.

Benefits of Duzela 20 tablets

It is having some active ingredients that provide a messenger to your brain. It helps in improving the mood of an individual and he feels relief from anxiety and depression.

To make this medicine most effective you must take this medicine regularly as per the prescription given by the Healthcare provider and should not stop its conception suddenly whenever you feel better.

You should complete the whole dosage to analyze its long-term benefits. This medicine also helps in releasing certain chemicals due to which you make feel comfortable. It is helpful to relieve the symptom of various anxiety disorders.

Some diabetic patients who are suffering from diabetic nerve pain can also use this medicine. As due to the high level of blood sugar in your body this pain is caused and damages the nerve. By using this medicine you may feel more relaxed from this pain.

This medicine is also very effective to make your sleeping schedule comfortable.  As is it reduce the various feeling of tiredness, restlessness, irritation, and many more.

What are the side effects of Duzela 20 tablets?

In the case of Duzela 20 mg tablets, there is no need to panic much about the symptoms of side effects because once your body gets habitual to the ingredients present in this tablet then the symptoms of side effects start disappearing over time.

Some of the common side effects of this medicine include dryness in the mouth, headache, drowsiness, stomach ache, and many more.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if you take too many Duzela 20 mg tablets?

You must complete the dose of this medicine at the proper time. Whenever you find out that you have taken the overdose of this medicine; than in such a situation you should Rush towards your nearby Health Care Centre to treat yourself.

What if you forget to take Duzela 20 mg tablet?

Whenever you find out that you have missed the dose of  Duzela, then take it whenever you remember. One thing to be kept in mind that never mix the missed dose with the next scheduled dose.

How does Duzela 20 mg tablet works?

Duzela 20 mg tablet is having two ingredients namely noradrenaline and serotonin that is act as a chemical messenger pet provide a message to the brain and it release some Chemicals that help in maintaining the balance and provide relief to the nerves pain and also help an individual to suffer from anxiety disorder and depression.

How to take Duzela 20 mg tablet?

This medicine is known to be taken by mouth as it is prescribed for all conduction only. With the help of a glass of water swallow the whole tablet. You can take this medicine with food or without food depending upon your suitability.

How to store Duzela 20 mg tablet?

You should be very considerate while storing Duzela 20 mg tablet. To prevent this tablet from the threat of the external environment, you should place it in its original packet at a cool place.

You should store this medicine at a place where the children and pets cannot be able to reach.

What are the common drug interactions?

Some of the drugs which may interact with the Duzela 20 mg tablet include Thioridazine one, Citalopram, Atazanavir, Atomoxetine, and many more.


Duzela 20 mg tablet is a highly tested medicine that is widely prescribed by most experience doctors and Healthcare providers to treat oneself from several problems including nerve pain, depression, and anxiety disorder.

If you want to treat your illness then Buy Duzela 20 Online and take it as per the prescription given by your doctor. Surely you will be able to gain long-term benefits.

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