Modalert 100mg (modafinil)

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Active Ingredient: Modafinil
Indication: Cognitive Enhancers
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceuticals
Packaging: 10 Tablets in a strip
Strength 100mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Modalert 100mg (modafinil) - 100mg

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What is Modalert 100?

Known as a wakefulness-inducing pill the pills of Modalert 100 allow you to generate wakefulness. The use of the pills gives patients mental stimulation and an awakening feeling. This is a pill that allows you to increase alertness preventing symptoms of dizziness and drowsiness.

Using Modalert you can prevent falling asleep and feeling drowsy during the most critical working hours of your day.

Remember that the generic substance in the pills is Modafinil which has approval from the FDA.

Being a prescription drug you won’t be able to buy the pills without authenticating the same with a doctor’s prescription.

Uses of Modalert 100

Modalert 100 has the following uses-

Preventing narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a disorder that does not let you remain awake during the day. Peculiarly patients suffering from narcolepsy will feel drowsy and sleepy during the day.

By taking Modalert 200 mg you can prevent this daytime sleepiness and bring about much more productive work during the day hours in your office or business.

Ensuring a proper sleep-wake cycle

Sometimes people have changing shifts at their place. Changing shifts too frequently may cause disruption of the normal sleep-wake cycle and patients will not get sleep or even remain awake properly. But taking in pills of Modalert 100mg allows you to maintain the sleep-wake cycle even with frequent changing shifts.

Strength and dose of Modalert 100

As you can see that the dose which we are mentioning throughout this article is the Modalert 200 mg which has 100 mg of Modafinil in it.

But this is not the only choice that you have while taking Modalert. There is also a higher dose which is the Buy Modalert 100 mg dose. The dose that you should use will depend on the type of disorder you are suffering from and its severity levels, your age, medical fitness level, past medical history, addictive tendencies, and allergic tendencies with generic Modafinil.

Manufacturer of Modalert 100

Sun Pharmaceuticals is a company that is not only among the leading pharma companies in India but also in the world. Having its headquarters in Gujarat, India this is a company that provides supplies of medicines not only in the domestic market but also in the international market too.

It has millions of customers around the globe to which it serves. Sun Pharma holds the rights to manufacturing Modalert 100 Online and its other doses, marketing it, and even distributing it via registered wholesalers and distributors.

Within the class of wakefulness pills containing the generic ingredient Modvigil 200, this is a brand name that belongs to Sun Pharma.

Benefits of using Modalert 100 mg

Majorly you will discover two benefits of using Modalert 100 Pills. First of all, it is an FDA-approved pill and thus instills faith in its quality and dosage.

The second thing is it can help cure the two most fearful disorders about sleep. Both narcolepsy and sleep apnea has several victims. Even if you are suffering from both using this one pill is the solution to both sets of disorders.

Side effects of Modalert 100

Side effects may crop up when you are using any wakefulness pill such as Modalert for the very first time. But these side effects in general will be mild and eventually disappear if you follow the doctor’s prescriptions on the right dose of the pills.

Side effects-

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Back pain
  • Runny nose

Using your daily pill of Modalert 100

Getting approval from a doctor is necessary with Modalert 100Mg being a prescription pill. This is to avoid falling under the grasp of severe side effects.

You can take the pills as per your schedule during the day but remember that avoiding overdose is your main priority. For this, you need to check that the right dose of pills is taken.

Modalert has a slight addictive tendency too. And thus you should use the pills with caution and avoid use for a very long term.

Working principle of Modalert 100

Modalert works on those areas of the brain that controls the sleep cycles. It changes the chemical composition in the neurotransmitters of the brain and affects allowing you to remain awake.

Safety advise and precautions with Modalert 100

Using Modalert has various safety advice and precautions to take care of. Following the precautions given below is going to make you realize the positive side of using Buy Modalert 200 Online.


Alcohol is an ingredient that may have contraindication tendencies with Modalert. Using alcohol is widely prohibited before and after taking the pills.

Pregnant women

Women who are currently within their gestation periods should consult the doctor to gain an insight on whether to continue the use of the pills. The doctor is likely to weigh a few things before checking in and finding the potential risks of using the pills.


Modalert may be unsafe when you are breastfeeding your infant. Check with your doctor to get an in-depth understanding of the risks of Modalert 100 Tablets passing to your child through breast milk during breastfeeding.


Driving after taking in Modalert 100 Buy may invoke side effects increasing the chances of accidents and injuries. Your concentration and focus may be low due to side effects after taking in Modalert so we recommend avoiding driving.

Modalert 100  missed a dose- What to do?

Missing a dose of Modalert 100 mg may cause disproportionate amounts of generic Modafinil in your body that may lead to side effects. You should avoid missing out on your daily doses as this might render the medicine useless.

Generic Modafinil is a pill that needs to be taken over a few days or weeks continuously at a stretch to realize the full effects. You should ensure not to miss out on doses during this term.

Overdose of Modalert 100

Overdosing Modalert can lead to side effects depending on how your body copes with an extra amount of generic Modafinil. Ensuring taking in the right doses is the key to staying fit, avoiding side effects, and realizing the full potential out of the use of Modalert 100 Pills. The more you overdose the more is the likelihood of suffering from more severe side effects.

Warnings with Modalert 100

A general warning is given to anyone who is allergic and still using generic Modafinil Modalert 100mg. also if you are suffering from any major cardiac or nerve problems, using the pills Modalert may cause contraindicating results.

Where to buy Modalert 100?

You can buy Modalert 100 at any online medicine store or even buy from a local medicine shop. Check out the prices, compare discounts, and order accordingly.

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  1. Resa Durham
    Resa Durham

    As a student, Modalert has been a lifesaver during exams. It helps me stay sharp and concentrated for extended study sessions without feeling fatigued.

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