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Modalert 200 Mg (Modafinil)

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Cognitive Enhancers


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What is Modalert?

Modalert 200 mg is known to be a smart drug which is also known as a nootropic drug in the market. This drug works by enhancing the cognitive function of a human in different ways. The market comes with plenty of smart drugs but the drug Modalert 200mg stands out on its own.

There are a few reasons why Modalert stands out in the class of drugs that are available in the market.

  1. Modalert is not a stimulant but can act like one. It is a eugeroic which acts as a wakefulness drug. The drug does not end up making you feel speedy or Jittery and that is how the most stimulants work. This drug does not work with the withdrawal or the crash as many other smart drugs.
  2. This drug is not addictive and usually ends up helping people who face any kind of addictions.
  3. Modalert 200mg has nearly no side effects if it is consumed as per the recommendation of the doctor. It is a safe drug. This drug does not show any kind of addiction and a person can easily do without it.
  4. The movie Limitless shows the working of this drug and ends up making the person feel like a superhuman.


For normal people, a dosage of 30 to 50 mg should be considered. This drug is usually prescribed to be taken in the morning and lasts around 6 to 8 hours if it is not taken with or without food. As such Modalert 200mg is considered to be a prescription drug and can be purchased online as well. There are places that are known to sell the fake version of the same medicine and that is why it is required to do a little bit of research before going ahead with the online purchase of such medicine.

Modalert 200 mg

This dosage is taken if a person has a condition of Narcolepsy. This drug helps in promoting wakefulness when a person faces excessive sleepiness at the time of the day. Apart from that, this dosage is also taken when a person goes through Shift work sleep disorder. It is advised to not go for

Modalert Uses

There are multiple ways of how people use this drug. This drug is used to enhance wakefulness.

Apart from that this drug is also used to treat extreme sleepiness which is often caused by medical conditions such as sleep apnea, sleep disorder – shift work and narcolepsy.

Modalert  200mg apart from that can also be used for other medical purposes that might not be necessarily listed in the uses of Modalert.

  1. Narcolepsy: This drug works by promoting wakefulness among students or patients who face sleepiness at the time of the day. Any condition where a person encounters irregularities in sleep in taken care with the help of this medicine
  2. Obstructive Sleep Apnea: This drug is also used when the patient faces Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In this condition, the breath of a person stops completely for a short while. This leads to lack of sleep during the night.
  3. Shift work sleep disorder: This drug works by reducing sleepiness among people who feel asleep at the time of work. This usually happens when a person has disoriented work hours.

What Happens If Overdose Modalert?

Getting Overdose with Modalert can cause certain side effects and in some cases, you need to seek emergency help. An overdose can sometimes be quite adverse and has many adverse side effects associated with it. Some of the side effects that can occur due to the overdose are listed below:

  1. Excitement and Agitation
  2. Trouble with Sleeping
  3. Fast Pounding
  4. High Blood Pressure


  1. Alcohol: It is advised to not take Modalert if you have taken Alcohol.
  2. Pregnancy: This drug is considered to be the most unsafe drug to be taken when a person is pregnant. There are however very limited people who have faced the negative effect of this drug. It is advised to see your doctor before taking this medicine.
  3. Breastfeeding: It is considered to be unsafe to consume this drug if you are breastfeeding. This drug has a tendency to pass into the breast milk which will then end up affecting the baby.
  4. Driving: This drug can cause side effects that will keep people from participating in any high-end activity. If you are someone who has not slept properly and is now consuming this drug, you should avoid driving.
  5. Kidney: It is safe to use this drug in patients who have problems in their kidney. It is however suggested to keep a track of dosage and consult a doctor before starting to take this medicine.
  6. Liver: This drug should be used with full caution if you are someone with liver disease. It is advised to adjust the dosage of this medicine if you have any liver disease.

Modalert 200 side effects

Following are the side effects that can arise due to the consumption of this medicine. These side effects are listed below:

  1. Nausea
  2. Hypersensitivity
  3. Chills and Fever
  4. Nausea
  5. Trouble in sleeping
  6. Chest Pain
  7. Confusion
  8. Difficulty in passing the urine
  9. Black coloured stool
  10. Bruising and bleeding

If any of the side effects occur due to the intake of this medicine, one must go and see their doctor as soon as possible. Some of the most common symptoms that might occur because of this medicine include:

  1. Headache
  2. Anxiety
  3. Nervousness
  4. Nausea

How Does Modalert work?

The mechanism of action of this drug works by promoting wakefulness in the body. This drug has some wake-promoting action which is very similar to the sympathomimetic agents including methylphenidate and amphetamine. This drug works by modulating the chemical messengers that are present in the brain which ends up creating a stimulant effect in the body that ends up reducing the sleepiness.

How to take Modalert?

Modalert should be taken as per the prescription given by the doctor. It is not advised to take this drug in a different dosage than what is prescribed by the doctor. This drug has a tendency to become habit-forming. If you are someone who has a history of habit-forming in any drug or addiction of any kind. This drug should be kept where no one can have it. This drug should be kept away from children.

The usual time to take this drug is in the morning or should be taken an hour before getting into work. This will keep the person awake in the odd time of the work shift. This drug can be taken with or without food and is taken for 12 weeks straight. This drug can be taken with or without food.

If you are someone who takes this drug to treat sleepiness which is the main cause of the drug apnea. It can also be treated by a positive airway pressure machine. Modalert is connected to the air mask that works by blowing pressurized air in the nose of a person while they are trying to sleep. This machine does not breathe for you but rather helps in preventing any kind of obstruction if there is any. One must not use the drug Modalert in place of compensating for sleep. This drug should be stored at room temperature and away from heat and moisture.

Modalert 200 price

Modalert is available at the best price with us. If you are buying this drug online, you should cross-check the authenticity of the company from where you are purchasing the drug as there are many companies online that are out there and are openly selling the counterfeit drugs

When should I take Modalert?

It is an oral drug that is usually taken with a glass of water. A dosage of 200 mg is taken on a daily basis usually early in the morning. If you are someone who is facing OSA, you should not take this drug like this drug won’t make any difference.

For obstructive Sleep Apnea, a dosage od 200 mg is taken on a daily basis. However, if you are going through Shift Work Sleep Disorder, a dosage of 200 mg should be taken an hour before getting back to work.

How long does it take for Modalert to work?

Modalert should be taken an hour before getting to work. It is important to know that one should not get into activities such as driving etc. This drug will also impair the human reaction and how they react to a certain situation.

Modalert vs Modafinil

The drug Modafinil is one of the extremely expensive drug available out there and is not something that middle-class people can afford.

The drug Modalert is known to be very similar to Modafinil because of R and S Modafinil. The drug Modafinil comes under a brand name Provigil while as the drug Modalert comes from a company Sun Pharma

Modalert for studying

Modalert is used by people and is taken as a smart drug. This drug works by improving the performance regarding complex and long tasks that requires you to have enhanced decision-making capabilities. This drug is however also taken for medical conditions such as narcolepsy but there are students who are taking this drug for exams and have ended up showing some positive good results. This drug takes an hour to show its effect and that is the reason why people take this drug an hour before starting to work or study. This is the reason why they are extensively using this drug because of the results it shows,

Sun Modalert

Modalert has been manufactured by the company known as Sun Pharma. This drug has been manufactured by this company and is used to enhance wakefulness in a person, This, in turn, will make the person more active which will enable him to participate in activities or his job in a much better way than before. There are many companies that are manufacturing smart drugs. Sun Pharma is one of them and is used to manufacture a line of smart drugs which is also known as Modalert. This drug after coming out in the market has become quite famous and there are many patients who lookout for this drug and use it daily.

Modalert reviews

  1. ADHD: I have used both Modalert as well as Adrafinil for ADD, and both these drugs seem to be interchangeable. The drug Modalert, however, acts faster and ends up putting less strain on the liver. This drug has helped me do the most boring tasks and get rid of them as soon as possible. It is important to cover the right dosage of this medicine.
  2. For ADHD: This drug has helped me in staying awake.
  3. For Fatigue: Modalert works great for me and can help people in increasing their productivity. The headaches while on this drug can stay at bay as long as the person is staying hydrated. It is important to be taking this drug only in the first half. This drug should also be taken as per the prescription of the doctor.
  4. For ADHD: I have been taking this drug every day for a few months, a dosage of 300 mg on a daily basis. It worked for me with no side effects at all.
  5. I have been taking a dosage of 200 mg every day in the working, usually in the first half and it works great for me as this drug has helped me in staying active.
  6. I take this drug every day before going to work and it has worked great for me provided the odd time and me feeling sleepy. I have ended up working more and spend more time being active rather than being drained out.

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