Vigora Gold Lido Spray

Vigora Lido Spray (Lidocaine)

Active Ingredient: Lidocaine
Indication: Anal fissure, Piles, Local anesthesia
Manufacturer: German Remedies Private Ltd
Packaging: 15g in bottle
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Vigora Lido Spray (Lidocaine) - 15g

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What is Vigora Lido Spray?

Used as a local anesthetic use the Vigora Lido Spray gives you relief from painful sensations. It can help you to get some relief from the pain sensations that can be caused as a result of certain surgical procedures.

The most common use of the spray includes treating the painful inflammations in certain parts of the skin.

Even the spraying of the Vigora Lido Spray is done in surgical instruments before they are inserted into the body before an operation.

It can also be sprayed on the urethra or the bladder during a penis or urethra inflammation.

The manufacturer of the local external skin anesthetic spray is German Remedies Private Ltd. Containing the generic sale Lignocaine will give you instant relief from the pain sensations.

Why You Need Vigora Lido Spray For Male Sexual!

One might be thinking after reading the name that the Vigora Lido Spray is a form of vasodilator but in actual it is not. It is a local anesthetic type medication that reduces swelling, redness, or itching, or allergies.

It brings the patient some form of relief but this is only temporarily only as long as the effect of Lignocaine is active.

The use of the Vigora Lido Spray

The list of the use of Vigora Lido Spray is countless. It is an external spray type medication containing a salt named Lignocaine.

Using the Vigora Lido Spray one can get relief from the burnt areas or allergic or wounded areas and bring down the pain sensations.

Here is a complete list of when the Vigora Lido Spray can be used-

Used as local anesthesia before medical surgeries

  • Applied on medical piercing type equipment and devices before initiation of surgery to prevent internal rashes and allergies
  • Soaring of the mouth
  • Ulcers inside the mouth
  • Eczema
  • Bites from insects causing pain and turning red
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Genital itching
  • Swelling of the urethra and bladder

What is The Right Vigora Lido Spray?

One should take the doctor’s recommendation to be final on how much of the Vigora Lido Spray has to be applied to the affected region. Remember that overuse can cause side effects.

What happens if you take too much Vigora Lido Spray?

Spraying too much will cause more discomfort in the form of pain sensations. The medication when applied has a burning effect.

But overdose of the Vigora Lido Spray can further increase the intensity of pain, or redness, or itching, or swelling of a region.

Also, ensure to ask the doctor how much of the spray has to be applied.

What Precautions Are Required With Vigora Lido Spray?

There are some precautionary measures intended for those who use the Vigora Lido Spray.

Experts and doctors suggest you take care of the following things before externally applying you on the skin-

The use of the Vigora Lido Spray can be done on the genital organs and thus before you apply the spray make sure that the area of application has been cleaned with clean water.

Never should you apply it directly on any bleeding wound as it will cause impeccable and irresistible pain sensations?

Don’t apply it to your eyes. The Vigora Lido Spray is only intended for spraying externally on your skin.

The Vigora Lido Spray can also be applied to your mouth during any dental operation procedure and thus you should not swallow or ingest it.

The spray can be used by pregnant women or lactating women but in case of any worsening complications, one has to report to the doctor at the earliest.

What are the possible Vigora Lido Spray side effects?

As with any use of medicine, the Vigora Lido Spray also has some side effects that you should be aware of before applying.

The below-mentioned side effects should in general last only a couple of minutes, but in case of repetitive and worsening conditions, you are to inform the doctor of your discomfort.

Here are some of the side effects of the Vigora Lido Spray-

  • Skin turning red
  • Allergies which people have to particularly be wary of
  • Swelling at the area of application
  • Burning sensation on the skin
  • Skin irritations
  • Itching on the area of application

Where to Buy Vigora Lido Spray online?

The Vigora Lido Spray is available online on many websites across online medicine sellers.

Do ensure to check out the prices and the prevailing discount rates that you can avail yourself.

The Vigora spray online has different prices and varying discounts on different websites.

Don’t buy online from any unknown sources claiming you to provide the Vigora Lido Spray at huge discounts.

For buying the Vigora Lido Spray it is best to trust the most reputed online websites such as All Generic Pills.

Also don’t forget to check out any extra charges such as shipping charges, custom duty charges, local courier charges before availing of the product online.

There could be some transactional charges that you have to pay for online order.

And last but not least one should also check out the refund and cancellation policy or the terms and conditions or disclaimer before buying from any online portal.

How Does Vigora Lido Spray Work?

The Vigora Lido Spray gives reliving sensations on the affected areas internally to the nerves ad blocks the pain sensations being generated from the brain.

How to take Vigora Lido Spray?

The Vigora Lido Spray is intended for external application purposes. It can be used on certain areas of skin that have become inflamed due to an allergy, injury, burn, or even due to surgery complications.

Doctors and medical surgeons would also apply the Vigora Lido Spray on areas of the skin before the start of surgery. It can also be applied to all types of medical and surgical piercing type devices and equipment.

Spray directly through the nozzle without opening it. don’t apply for more than 2 seconds on the area.

If the doctor has recommended you for multiple shots give at least a 5-10 seconds break after each shot of the Vigora Lido Spray has been applied.

Don’t wash the applied area with water immediately.

Vigora Lido Spray Storage conditions

You shouldn’t keep the Vigora Lido Spray under excess heat or cold conditions such as inside a deep freezer. This will freeze the internal liquid containing Lignocaine.

The best thing for you to do is to keep it under normal room temperature conditions avoiding excess heat and humidity.

Vigora Lido Spray Reviews

The reviews of Vigora Lido Spray has mostly been on the positive side. People have used the Vigora Lido Spray before surgeries or medical procedures being carried out. It has also given good effects on inflammation and allergic or burnt areas and given instant relief to patients within a couple of seconds.

Despite the good remarks, one should note on the back of their head that the Vigora Lido Spray is to be used only if communicated by a doctor.

Why Buy Vigora Lido Spray From Us?

Buying Vigora Lido Spray online has many doubts and queries on the back of the head of the people. But when you buy the Vigora Lido Spray from us you can rest assured that it is of the highest quality and composition.

We buy the Vigora Lido Spray directly from the manufacturer German Remedies Private Ltd. We have a special team of experts with us who do regular inspections regarding the expiry dates or the composition of the medicines.


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