Zopicon 7.5 MG

Active Ingredient: Zopiclone
Indication: Insomnia
Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 7.5mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Zopicon 7.5 MG - 7.5 mg

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What is Zopicon 7.5 mg?

Zopicon 7.5 mg is applicable for the treatment of insomnia. This medicine is only applicable for short-term treatment of insomnia as it may habitat a person for taking this drug continuously. Insomnia doesn’t allow a person to sleep well and makes a person difficult to sleep. Thus, Buy Zopicon 7.5 mg improves the sleeping quality of a person and treats insomnia. This medicine is only applicable after your doctor’s considerations.

Who is the manufacturer of Zopicon 7.5 mg?

Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd company is the leading manufacturer of Zopicon 7.5 mg medicine which treats the sleeping disorders of a person. Along with this drug, this company also manufactures various medicine which also results in one of the effective medicine.

US brands equivalent to Buy Zopicon 7.5 mg

Buy Zopicon 7.5 mg Online is commercially not approved in the US.

Uses of Buy Zopicon 7.5 mg

Zopicon 7.5 mg is generally used to treat insomnia problem that arises in person. Insomnia makes the sleeping schedule of a person very bad as it affect the sleep of an individual because of which he is not able to sleep in night properly. It doesn’t allow a person to remain active in their work. It also makes a person frequent awakening at night.

So, Buy Zopicon 7.5 mg drug somehow solves this insomnia problem in person. But, it is only approved for short-term treatment as it may addict a person to taking this medicine regularly. It helps a person to sleep without any difficulty and also makes a person energetic in their work.


The dosage of this medicine is only permitted by the doctor. They will instruct you on the time and duration of taking this drug. Follow their instructions for better results. Try to take this medicine on time as provided by the doctor for better sleeping results.

Missed dose

If you have missed the dose of Zopicon 7.5 mg Online then take it immediately as soon as possible. But you should remember one thing that makes it only when you have enough time for your next dosage. Otherwise, avoid taking it when already time for your next dosage because doubling your dosage may cause some side effects problems in your body. So, take one tablet at one time only. Try not to miss the dose of this drug, as it may slow down your recovery process and you won’t able to sleep peacefully.


Taking an overdose of this drug may lead to symptoms in your body such as feeling drowsy, confused, sleeping deeply, or may make you fall in a coma, low blood pressure, faintness, light-headedness, etc. So, it is better not to take an overdose of this drug.


The strength of Buy Zopicon 7.5 mg medicine is 7.5 mg.


The indication of Zopicon 7.5 mg medicine is the short-term treatment of insomnia.


Alcohol- consuming this medicine with alcohol may cause some inadequate amount of drowsiness to you. So, it is better to avoid taking alcohol with this drug. For more information, you can contact your doctor.

Pregnancy- taking this drug during your pregnancy is at high risk for your baby. It may affect the health of a developing baby. But, if it is very important for your life, then the doctor may advise you to take this drug.

Breastfeeding- using this medicine during breastfeeding is probably unsafe for the baby.

Driving- as this medicine increases the sleeping rate in our body. So, it is unsafe to drive after taking this drug. Because of drowsiness you make feel sleepy and there is a chance of accident hence it is advisable to avoid driving while consuming Zopicon 7.5 mg.

Kidney- it is recommended by the doctor that people who are suffering from kidney disease are advised to take this drug with proper caution. There may be needed for dose adjustments of this drug.

Liver- people who are suffering from severe liver disease are highly advised not to take this drug. It may arouse some serious symptoms in their body. But people with minor liver problems can take this drug with proper caution. They can take it with their doctor’s instructions only.

What are the side effects of Zopicon 7.5 mg?

Taking this drug may lead to some side effects problems in your body such as:

  • Drowsiness
  • Bitter- taste
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Metallic taste

There are some problem which doesn’t need any medication but if this problem arises continuously in your body then immediately visit your doctor’s place.


Store Zopicon 7.5 mg at proper storage where it should be stored in a room temperature where the temperature should be below 30 degree Celsius. It is also very important that you should we store the medicine away from the sunlight to protect it from outer sun rays.

What happens if you take too much Zopicon 7.5 mg?

Taking this drug regularly and continuously may cause negative effects in your body. This medicine is only applicable for short-term treatment with reducing dose levels. Taking it too much may make you addicted to it. So, take it with your doctor for a given duration only.

How does this Buy Zopicon 7.5 mg works?

Zopicon 7.5mg contains the properties of hypnotic and anxiolytic. This helps in relaxing the nerves and brain by regulating the GABA receptors. Thus, giving you a feeling of proper sleep.

How to take Zopicon 7.5 mg?

Take Zopicon 7.5 mg with water.

Take it as a whole, don’t chew or crush the tablet.

Take it only for a short period.

What are the common drugs interactions to Buy Zopicon?

Zopicon 7.5 mg may interact with other medicine ensure positive and negative effects accordingly. It may benefit you in sleeping for a longer time or may work opposite of your treatment. So, take it only after your doctor’s consultation.

Drug interactions– Rifampicin, Clotrimazole , Fluconazole, Itraconazole.

Alternative medicines are: 

Zopiclone | Zunestar | Zopifresh 7.5 mg



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