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Difference between Anxiety and Depression

Difference between Anxiety and Depression
  • Maybe you ask somebody to point to two common psychological health issues.
  • There are great chances anxiety and depression will come to their mind.
  • The fact is that people very often mention them in conversation.
  • However, people most often struggle at times to find out the difference amid them.
  • It happens so because people fighting anxiety also get depression.
  • Besides, people with depression get anxiety.
  • Therefore, anxiety and depression go side by side.
  • Nearly 50 percent of individuals who have depression can also have anxiety disorder-1.
  • Moreover, it is vital to get the right diagnosis.
  • Thus, your correct condition will get the correct treatment.
  • Numerous individuals battling depression may undergo a state- anxious distress.
  • This can come on besides low mood. Individuals fighting anxious distress often are restless and tense.
  • Moreover, they face problem focussing.
  • This is because they are very anxious.
  • Such persons deeply fear that something untoward may happen.
  • Moreover, they think they may lose control over themselves.
  • Persons fighting anxious distress alongside depression are at great danger for suicide.
  • Therefore, they require intensive care.
  • Hence, this is vital to make out these signs alongside the depression.
  • Therefore, it is crucial to note to see a psychological professional or a physician.
  • This way they can evaluate your condition and signs.
  • Moreover, they will diagnose whether you signs relate to a depressive disorder.
  • Or your symptoms show an anxiety disorder also. 

The connection amid anxiety and depression

· Both the conditions of anxiety and depression show biological roots. 

· Constant situations of low mood or anxiety have definite reasons.

· Reasons are similar to those undergone by persons in clinical mood and anxiety disorders.

· Both of them reveal changes in neurotransmitter working.

· However, this is due to the low levels of serotonin in both states.

· Moreover, other chemicals in a person’s brain like epinephrine-2 and dopamine have a role also.

· However, both have a similar biological basis.

· Yet anxiety and depression have a different diagnosis.

· People undergo their effects differently.

· Thus, the two situations are two sides of one coin.

· However, anxiety and depression can take place one after another.  

· This suggests one arrives in reaction to the other state.

· Or they can befall at the same time.

· When mood & anxiety issues get to the state of clinical diagnosis together, it is different.

· It requires a particular diagnosis – comorbid conditions.

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How does a person feel anxiety and depression?

· Common anxiety and depression disorders are the same.

· They are alike in defining signs that are about some person’s feelings and mood.

· However, they also show physical symptoms.

Mental difference between anxiety and depression:

Mood & feelings

· Experts define depression as a state of a low mood.

· Moreover, such people have less interest or less enjoyment interest in most activities.

· If it goes on for two weeks or more, they are core signs of depression.

· However, there are some other moods –connected signs that a person experiences in depression. Such signs are as:

1. Suicidal thoughts

2. Thoughts of death

3. Low confidence

4. Low self-respect

5. Worthlessness like feelings

6. Helplessness

7. Guilt

· Likewise, common anxiety disorder hinges on two core signs.

· These are excessive anxiety & worry for numerous days exceeding six months.

· Plus, trouble controlling such feelings of worry & anxiety.

· Moreover, there occur more signs in addition to these that a person can undergo. These are:

1. Irritability

2. Restless

3. Feeling on edge

  • Having a common anxiety issue, a a person is very careworn regarding many daily things.

Not being there is one clear logical reason for that anxiety. 

Physical difference amid anxiety and depression:

Physical signs

  • As to the physical aspect, there are a few signs.
  • These symptoms come up in both common anxiety and depression.
  • However, these are as:
  1. Trouble sleeping
  2. Not able to sit still
  3. Being fidgety
  4. Poor focus
  5. Tiredness
  6. Fatigue
  7. However, there occur also physical signs distinctive to both states.
  8. In depression, physical signs may be as under:
  1. Your movements can be slower
  2. Changes in weight

It happens because appetite changes

· The physical impacts of common anxiety issue are as:

1. Breathlessness

2. A fast heart rhythm

3. Bowel issues

4. Dizziness

5. Sweating

6. Headaches

7. Muscle aches

8. Muscle tension

· All of the above signs can be symptoms of other issues with your physical healthiness.

· Maybe you note such signs for six months or more.

· Moreover, they are the cause of distress in everyday life.

· Then your physician will classify you under common anxiety disorder.

· In the class of other anxiety disorders come phobia, panic disorder, separation anxiety etc.

· If you tally the list of both signs, you can notice some overlap.

· Both anxiety and depression have similar signs like fatigue, difficulty focusing, and sleep disorders.

· Moreover, there can be irritability also as anxiety and depression.

· However, this happens instead of low mood.

· Nevertheless, there occur several characteristic traits. 

· Persons who are in depression walk slowly.

· Moreover, their response is dull or appears flat.

· Such persons are very keyed up because try to tackle their racing notions.

· Persons in depression have fear regarding their future.

See your Physician

  • If a person has depression, anxiety, or both, maybe a doctor will advise medicine or therapy.
  • Perhaps he will get both. 
  • Moreover, try to note your daily signs and maintain their record in a notebook.
  • By doing so, your physician can get help in diagnosis.
  • Besides, it is vital to talk and ask them about your condition.
  • You must ask whether it is anxiety or depression, or both.
  • By clarifying your condition, you get to know the treatment line.
  • Furthermore, you get to know the way to handle your signs.
  • Both anxiety and depression are curable states.
  • Moreover, try ways to keep your mind healthy.

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