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How much will generic Lyrica cost?

How much will generic Lyrica cost?
Generic Lyrica is the branded version of generic Pregabalin manufactured by the pharma behemoth named Pfizer. It is one of the medications treating you for neuropathic pain, shingles, and spinal cord injury. The increase in the sales of these drugs has been quite drastic in the US in the last couple of years and global use has surged as well. It’s an anticonvulsant drug that can also be used as a neural pain reliever. The wide popularity of the drug is because it is one of the few non-opioid products available in the market. Generic Pregabalin falls within a schedule-V control substance and thus this product is sold as a prescription-only drug in the US.
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What types of disorders can Lyrica be used for curing

The green signal by the FDA to the drug was given in the year 2005 and since then the medicine has been recommended and used by millions and millions of people so far with the US topping the list.

It is a medicine that can be used for curing any type of neuropathic pain which is common due to nerve injury, extreme diabetes that also causes damage to nerve cells, spinal cord injury, and epileptic seizures.

Remember that as this is a prescription drug you simply cannot go and buy it from any pharmacy shop. Go and consult a doctor and get a written approval on their pad statin for the use of this drug.

What is the cost of generic Lyrica?

So coming to the main question how much does generic Lyrica cost?

Lyrica use over a long time means that you have to be ready to spend large sums of money.

This is an FDA-approved prescription pill and thus its prices are also a bit higher. In general, the prices might vary from one state or country to another.

What is the cost of generic Lyrica

Also, is to remember that the dosages of Lyrica Are many and as you go higher up the cost per pill will also increase as there are more amounts of generic Pregabalin in each pill.

Furthermore, your frequency of use is also another major factor that can have a say in the overall treatment. The more you use let’s say daily use will cost more rather than when you use it only a few times a week.

Why the FDA did approve the use of generic Lyrica?

Why the FDA did approve the use of generic Lyrica

The FDA approved the use of generic Lyrica because of the following reasons-

Branded Lyrica costs were simply too high

There are not many brands selling non-convulsant non-opiod medicines. And this gave Pfizer a monopoly in the market due to which the prices were still high due to high demand and the absence of any competitors.


Use of generic Lyrica was growing tremendously

The demand for Lyrica was growing at a very fast rate and thus certainly meant that one company could not continue manufacturing generic Pregabalin Lyrica for a very long period. Despite all its efforts the company was still lagging to meet the demands in the market.

The low priced generic drugs could become affordable for all

The generic drug approval was given to lower the cost of the pills. This is probably the biggest reason why the FDA decided on approving some companies for the generic formulation of Lyrica.

Now if you ask how much will generic Lyrica cost it has to be said that the cost per pill has been reduced substantially with the generic drugs now available in the market.

When generic the Lyrica formulation went generic?

When generic the Lyrica formulation went generic

It was only until recently in 2019 that the FDA decided to approve the generic formulation of the drug to 9 different pharma companies around the world.

This meant that these 9 companies could manufacture generic Lyrica and sell it in the market.

How much does generic Lyrica cost?

  • With generic Lyrica costing less than its branded version, it has to be said that the generic medications are now able to meet the global rising demands.
  • If you ask how much will generic Lyrica cost it has to be said that the total reductions without insurance have come down many folds.
  • This means that with the same expenditure you can buy many times as earlier.
How much does generic Lyrica cost

Why has generic Lyrica become less expensive?

Why has generic Lyrica become less expensive?
  • Any generic formulation when it is approved by the FDA becomes less expensive.
  • This can be easily explained if you consider the manufacturing process of the pills.
  • When any pharma company comes up with a new branded formulation then the market costs of the pills at which we buy can be expected to be generally high.
  • This is because the manufacturing companies have to go through a lot of research for formulating the dose. And when the dose is prepared it has to go through numerous clinical trials all of which are checked by the drug approving body and cleared.
  • All this has high costs for the drug manufacturing company. Finally, after getting all the sanctions and approvals it can release the drug in the market.
  • The prices that we buy are the adjusted costs declared by the company in line with their cost per pill and drug research.
  • With a generic drug the pharma company effectively gives the generic drug formula to another pharma company. This can also be done by the drug approving body upon order.
  • When the generic formulation is handed over any pharma companies don’t have any research and development cost linked to it.
  • Thus you will always find that the generic medicines cost lower than the branded ones.
  • Now if you ask how much will generic Lyrica cost you probably know the answer yourself, isn’t it?

In what doses is generic Lyrica available in the market?

  • Generic Lyrica has many doses starting from as low as the 25 mg drug that contains 25 mg of Pregabalin to the highest dose that contains 300 mg of Pregabalin.
  • The various doses in which it is available in the market are 25 mg, 50 mg, 75 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg, 225 mg, and 300 mg.
  • You can switch to generic Lyrica medications anytime provided as has been recommended in your prescription.
In what doses is generic Lyrica available in the market

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