CYTOTAM 20 (Tamoxifen)

Active Ingredient: Tamoxifen
Indication: Breast cancer
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 10 Tablets in Strip
Strength 20mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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CYTOTAM 20 (Tamoxifen) - 20mg

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What is Cytotam 20mg?

Cytotam 20 mg is renowned medicine that can help in anti-estrogens for both men and women and it’s also used in the treatment of breast cancer before the premenopausal or postmenopausal in women. Cytotam is helpful in the growth of cancer cells.

Cytotam 20mg is also used in the treatment of infertility. If a person suffers from infertility then the doctor advises the Cytotam 20 mg Pills. This medicine can be taken orally by the mouth and taken tablet with a drink of water. Consult with your doctor after he or she will prescribe the medicine dose that how many doses you should have to take.

Manufactures Cytotam 20mg

Cytotam 10 mg is manufactured by Cipla LTD. and they have existed in the pharmaceutical industry in India and in 80+ countries. They helped manufacture leading vaccination and medications for some incredibly harmful diseases to save lives and improve human survivability.

They are consistent with their research and aim to be at the forefront to treat and prevent diseases that threaten human lives. These diseases include HIV, Cancer, etc.

Generic Drug Substitute

There are several different substitutes for Cytotam 20 mg. These are the generic substitute with the same salt.

  • Blastofen 20 mg
  • Eldtam 20 mg
  • Mamofen 20 mg
  • Neotam 20 mg
  • Tamodex 20 mg
  • Tevafen 20 mg
  • Valodex 20 mg
  • Caditam 20 mg
  • Entax 20 mg
  • Moxifen 20 mg
  • Oncotam 20 mg
  • Tamoxifen 20 mg
  • Tomifen 20 mg
  • Xifen 20 mg

Uses Of The Cytotam 20mg?

Cytotam 20 mg tablet is used for the treatment of breast cancer; it is useful for both women and men. By taking this medication it slows down the growth of the cancer cells in the body. It is also helpful in the treatment of infertility problems.


Doctors prescribed Cytotam 20 mg tablet daily for 5 years.


If you take an overdose then take emergency medical treatment or consult with your doctor immediately.

Missed Dose

If you missed a dose then take the medicine as soon as possible you remember or skip the dose if it’s time for your next dose. Do not take a double dose.

Interaction with Medicine

  • Carbamazepine- Moderate
  • Erythromycin- Moderate
  • Amiodarone- Severe
  • Warfarin- severe
  • Ritonavir- Severe
  • Dexamethasone- Moderate
  • Tranexamic Acid- Severe
  • Mifepristone- Severe

Benefits of Cytotam 20 mg

Cytotam 20mg Online reduced the symptoms of cancer in the breast, change in the shape of the breast. This is hormone-based medicine. It is beneficial for both women and men, by taking this medicine slows down the multiplication growth of cancer cells in a body. Cytotam is treating infertility caused by ovulation in women.


  • Ensure you are taking the indicated dosage prescribed by your doctor.
  • Do not even take more than the required dosage amount, or you can suffer serious side effects.
  • Pregnant women should not take this medicine because this will harm their babies.
  • Tell your doctor if you have other health problems like Liver Problems, heart problems.
  • If you saw some side effects then immediately consult with your doctor.
  • You should take this medicine at a fixed time.
  • You should avoid taking alcohol consumption.
  • Before taking the medicine firstly check the expiring date.

How to use Cytotam 20 mg

Buy Cytotam 20 mg medicine is taken orally by mouth; it has taken with or without food as doctor the prescribed. It advised you to take this medicine at a fixed time daily.

What Are The Side Effects Of Cytotam 20mg?

There are some side effects of Cytotam 20 mg:

  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Constipation
  • Weight Loss
  • Dizziness
  • Pain or swelling in the legs
  • Troubled Breathing
  • Headache
  • Hair Loss
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Hot Flashes
  • Mood Swings
  • Leg Cramps
  • Muscles Aches

Storage Condition for Cytotam 20 mg

  1. Stored at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius, do not store more than 25 degrees Celsius.
  2. Stored away from the heat or direct sunlight.
  3. Stored away from the reach of children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.) what happens if you take too much Cytotam 20mg?

If you take too much cytotam 20 mg medicine you feel some symptoms such as night sweat, sleep disturbance, vaginal irritation, and mood changes. If you will see some severe symptoms then immediately consult with your doctor.

Q.2.) How Does Cytotam 20mg Work?

Cytotam 20 mg is a hormone-based medicine that completely works on the estrogen hormone receptor. This receptor increases the breast tissue and helps slow down the cancer cells.

Q.3.) How to Take Cytotam 20mg?

You should take Cytotam 20 mg tablets orally by mouth; with or without food, don’t break or chew the tablet it directly taken by the water, or take as prescribed by your doctor.

Q.4.) What Are the Common Drug Interactions

Talk to your doctor if you have taken some other medicine before this treatment start.

These are some common drugs interaction with Cytotam 20 mg

  • Carbamazepine- Moderate
  • Erythromycin- Moderate
  • Amiodarone- Severe
  • Warfarin- severe
  • Ritonavir- Severe

Q.5) If I forget to take Cytotam 20 mg?

If you forget to take medicine then take it as soon as possible remembers or skip if the next dose time is near. Do not take the two doses at the same time this will affect your health.

Q.6) If I stop taking Cytotam 20 mg?

No, do not stop without discussing with your doctor if you do so the risk of breast cancer coming back.

Quick Tips

  • Cytotam 20 is used to cure ductal carcinoma.
  • It helps in lowering the risk of getting breast cancer in another breast
  • It is advisable to use contraceptive pills or other methods to prevent pregnancy during the consumption of Cytotam 20mg.
  • Consult with a doctor in case of pregnancy or planning to conceive.
  • Consult with a doctor if there are any irregularities in periods or having heavy blood loss.
  • Consult with the doctor before stopping the medication.

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