Gabantin Forte

Gabantin Forte Tablet (Gabapentin / Methylcobalamin/Mecobalamin)

Active Ingredient: Gabapentin / Methylcobalamin/Mecobalamin
Indication: Neuropathic pain
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 300mg+500mcg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Gabantin Forte Tablet (Gabapentin / Methylcobalamin/Mecobalamin) - 300mg+500mcg

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What is Gabantin Forte Tablet?

The Gabantin Forte Tablet belongs to a category of drugs known as anticonvulsants.  It is used for the treatment of neuralgic pain, seizures, and epilepsy disorder.

The medication works by treating the nerve pain till the ingredients are active.

The Gabantin Forte Tablet is a combination of two medicines- Gabapentin and Methylcobalamin which is the other name for Vitamin B12.

It is used extensively by patients in India, the USA, and Japan.

The manufacturer of the Gabantin Forte Tablet is Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. an established pharma company based in India.

Why You Need Gabantin Forte Tablet!

The use of medicine is done to cure neuralgic pain which is sometimes caused due to some disorders such as diabetes and other nerve problems.

The use of medicine is preferred by many patients as most of the side effects of the medicine are mild.

It cures the disorder by controlling the level of calcium in the nerve cells by releasing certain hormones.

The Use of the Gabantin Forte Tablet

Patients suffering from neuropathic pain or prosthetic neuralgia might be recommended to take the Gabantin Forte Tablet. It is used to treat nerve pain that lasts for a long time due to injury to the spinal cord or shingles.

It also helps the person to get rid of other problems such as sudden mood changes, depression and anxiety, problems in sleep, and excessive tiredness.

It will help the person to feel well and be cheerful and active. It helps the patient to recover their overall social life.

The Gabantin Forte is advised to be taken in patients who are at least 18 years of age.

Sometimes it is also recommended to patients suffering from seizures, hot flashes, restless leg syndrome.

What is The Right Gabantin Forte Tablet Dosage?

The right amount of dose for the Gabantin Forte Tablet might vary from one patient to another.

There are various doses of the Gabantin Forte available. The standard dose for the Gabantin Forte Tablet is the 500/300 mg.

The Gabantin Forte 500/300 mg contains 500 mg of gabapentine and 300 mg of methylcobalamin.

Gabapentine helps to secrete certain chemicals and hormones in the cells that control the calcium level in the cells. Methylcobalamin helps the patient to rejuvenate and feel better by regenerating the damaged nerve cells.

What Happens if you take too much Pregabalin Gabantin Forte Tablet?

Taking too much Gabapentin or methylcobalamin is not safe for your health. This may cause various side effects such as drowsiness, sleepiness, growth of rashes on the skin and even going unconscious. People may also suffer from insomnia after taking the Gabantin Forte.

There is a chance of patients developing hypersensitivity syndrome which can lead to potentially dangerous side effects.

People who are already allergic to either Gabapentin or Methylcobalamin are asked not to take the Gabantin Forte.

Take extreme caution to ensure that the right dose is being taken.

The standard dose is one pill per day at any time during the day.

There are various internal body conditions on which the dose of the Gabapentin or Methylcobalamin may depend on. This includes age, health conditions presence of other disorders such as liver and kidney problems, diabetes, other medicines being taken, etc.

What Precautions Are Required With Gabantin Forte Tablet?

take the dose daily on time and prevent overdosage. Ensure that you are not the Gabantin Forte Tablet with alcohol or other convulsive drugs.

If you are taking other medicines for treating other disorders such as liver, kidney or any renal disorder inform it to the doctor even before starting a course.

The use of Gabantin Forte is not considered safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

What are the Possible Gabantin Forte Tablet Side Effects?

In general, the side effects are mild. But in certain cases, the side effects might be severe as well due to excessive overdose or being allergic to Gabantin or Methylcobalamin.





Lack of body coordination


Vision problems

Anger and sudden mood changes


Rashes such as on the face, throat, and skin

Breathing problems

In any case, you need to inform the doctor at once if you are suffering from the side effects. Most side effects might go away after taking the first few doses.

In case the side effects keep coming even after using for several days try talking to the doctor.

Where to Buy Gabantin Forte Tablet Online?

you can buy the Gabantin Forte online from various online medicine sellers. The prices may vary from one portal to another.

Compare prices and find out the most trusted websites by customers. Check out the discounts and find out if they will deliver the package in your area.

While buying online it is most important to go for authentic websites only that are well known. As this is a prescription medicine you will need to upload your prescription that will be verified post which your order will be accepted.

Buying online of the Gabantin Forte is of a great experience as it is easy to shop and faster. Just make sure to order the medicines in advance as this may take some time to reach your doorstep.

How Does Gabantin Forte Tablet Work?

Gabantin Forte contains two generic substances Gabapentin and Methylcobalamin.

Gabapentin helps you to decrease the pain by controlling the calcium channel activity within each nerve cell.

Vitamin B12 or methylcobalamin helps to cure the damaged nerve cells with the production of myelin that helps in the recovery of the damaged nerve cells. It also protects the fibers of the nerves from damage.

How to Take Gabantin Forte Tablet?

The Gabantin Forte Tablet can be taken anytime during the day. Depending on the strength of the dose the effects might remain from 11- 21 hours.

It takes around 2-3 hours for gabapentin and methylcobalamin to start working. Initially, the dose has to be taken for around a week to feel the effects and positive results.

You can take it anytime on an empty stomach or after consuming meals. There are no general changes to your diet.

Gabantin Forte Tablet Storage Conditions

The best storage conditions for the Gabantin Forte is normal room temperature.

Make sure to keep in the refrigerator but the temperature should not be lower than 5-8 degrees. Eep the medicines out of the reach of toddlers and pets at home.

Keep away from sunlight, excessive heat, and avoid wet and humid conditions.

Gabantin Forte Tablet Reviews

The Gabantin Forte drug has received overall positive reviews from the patients. Many of the patients have been able to cure their neuropathic pain completely by taking the full course.

The chances of severe side effects were very rare and in most cases, patients had light dizziness and drowsiness which went away after a few doses.

The prices of the medicines are also very affordable and online buying on the various portals make this as one of the best drugs for the patients

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