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Generic Amrix 15mg

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Active Ingredient: Cyclobenzaprine
Indication: Pain
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 10 capsule er in 1 strip
Strength 15mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Generic Amrix 15mg - 15mg

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What is Amrix 15 mg?

You can try out Amrix 15 mg pills for curing muscle spasms and musculoskeletal aches.

Amrix 15 mg is a medication that can be used alone or in tandem with other medications too.

This is a pill that contains cyclobenzaprine HCL which belongs to a category of muscle relaxants.

Amrix 15 mg online might not be effective in children below 15 years of age and you should take the pills with caution.

Who is Manufactures Amrix 15 mg

The manufacturer of the Amrix 15 mg pills is Watson pharma.

What Are The Uses Of The Amrix 15 mg?

The use of Generic Amrix 30 mg drug is for bringing relief to the patient from musculoskeletal pains, muscle pain, muscle-tendon aches, etc.

Remember that the use of the pill requires rhea certification of a doctor as this is a prescription pill.

Also, taking a doctor’s view is considered a good suggestion as this way you can find out the right dose avoiding any contradictions and side effects.

The use of Buy Amrix 15 mg over a longer time is not ideal. At maximum administration of this pill for 2 to 3 weeks at a stretch is the maximum you can go about.

Dosage Of Amrix 15 mg

The general dose for Amrix 15 mg pills is a pill taken daily. It’s the slightly lower variety of Amrix brands with a higher version available.

For more severe muscle spasms and muscle pains, you can try out the 30 mg pill for this medicine. Or as an alternative, you can try taking two pills of 15 mg supposing one in the early morning and one at noon.


Overdose is a result of two things. Either you have not checked the strength of the dose taken or else you are not compatible to take the Generic Amrix Capsule.

In the first case, it’s totally your blunder and this is avoidable with more attention and care.

But more concerning is the second thing where you have to look for an alternative as within the Amrix brand the 15 mg pills are the lowest found in the market.

Missed Dose

When the administration has daily advice from a doctor end missing out on your daily dose will bring about temporary halts in your treatment. As you can take the pills for a maximum of 21 days only each of your daily doses is crucial for intake which you need to take a proper time.


For patients, there are two things important mostly for any general precaution rule-

One is to be cautious while adhering to your daily dose for avoiding side effects and taking doctor’s call as final on daily dose.

The other factor is to avoid taking in any contradicting substance with Amrix 15 mg.

Side effects

The possible side effects of the drug are-


Swelling of facial features such as the lips, throat, tongue

Irregular heartbeat

Chest pain

Slurred speech




Cold sweating


Stiffness in the muscles




Your concern should grow of any go these side effects don’t go away and are repetitive. Remember that a person’s chances of suffering from some of the side effects as given here are totally dependent on a case-to-case basis.

Where to buy Amrix 15 mg online?

You can check out many online websites and compare prices. Always ensure to buy from a well-known portal. Making sure about the payment methods, time for delivery, charges, terms and conditions, refund and repayment rules, cancelation policy, and even whether home delivery is given or not are important things to check.

To find out about all the parameters from a few websites before making the decision.

Remember that, being a prescription medicine you will not be able to make your order from any legal and authentic online portal without updating a scanned copy of the doctor’s prescription.

What happens if you take too much Amrix 15 mg?

Overdose brings side effects and this is not uncommon for medicine like Amrix 15 mg tablet. so your first and most important step is to ensure the right strength of dose is bought and taken each time daily.

Sometimes as a result of you taking in an excess amount of the most common side effects such as those given below can be concerning-




Dry mouth


Stomach problems

Constipation and


If you have taken a far more excess dose then expect to suffer from more severe side effects as given above.

How Does Amrix 15 mg Work?

Cyclobenzaprine which is the generic ingredient of  Buy Amrix 15 mg online can help you to the tonic somatic motor activity. It also influences the gamma and alpha motor systems to bring relief to muscular spasms and pain.

How to Take Amrix 15 mg?

Oral intake is the only form of intake so once you have your daily pill of Amrix 15 mg Online inside your mouth just gulp it down your throat using water.

What Are The Common Drug Interactions

It shows up severe contradictions with MAO inhibitors.

For patients taking in alcohol in high amounts, barbiturates, and other CNS depressants, tramadol can also be a cause of dangerous contradiction.

Doctors have not found any drug abusive tendencies for Buy Amrix 15 mg so far.


Buy Amrix 15 mg is an oral medicine for patients suffering from muscle spasms, musculoskeletal pain, muscle pain, lack of muscular motion due to muscle stiffness.

It’s a prescription medicine allowing you to buy the medicines from any online portal after certifying with a doctor’s prescription.

Storage conditions

The sealed bottle needs to have an ambient temperature around. And for this ant storage area needs to be not coming with direct sunlight contact. You are also to note that storage at 25 degrees Celsius is normal but it’s okay to keep the medicines within 15 to 30 degrees Celsius at any fitting temperature.

Keeping the pills under low humid conditions is also a major priority.

Why Buy Amrix 15 mg From Us?

We supply the best quality of Amrix 15mg which we source directly from the manufacturers. At our online portal, you get complete online safety with regards to making genuine orders and complete safety of online payment.

Our home delivery service also ensures that you receive your package for Amrix 15 mg tablets right at your doorstep.

Along with this we also hurt you lower prices with handsome discounts all year round.

Our portal is such that you can avail of discounts for all purchases regardless of the amount.

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