Nervigesic 150

Nervigesic 150 (Pregabalin)

Active Ingredient: Pregabalin
Indication: Neuropathic pain
Manufacturer: Signature Phytochemical Industries
Packaging: 15 capsules in 1 strip
Strength 150mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Nervigesic 150 (Pregabalin) - Nervigesic 150

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What is Nervigesic 150?

Nervigesic 150 is a medicine that falls under a group of medicines called anticonvulsants. These types of medicines are generally used for treating seizures.

They are also sometimes used in bipolar disorders. In the case of Nervigesic 150, it is used for treating neuropathic pain.

Being a prescription medicine you have to buy the Nervigesic 150 only when recommended by a doctor through his/her prescription.

Although manufactured by Indian Pharmaceuticals which is a small-cap pharma company in India it is FDA approved and advised and sold all over the world.

It contains two generic substances within each pill- Pregabalin, and Methylcobalamin.

Why You Need Nervigesic 150!

Nervigesic is a new type of medicine that has two generic ingredients. And indeed this medicine is beneficial for use by the patients as it not only help you to get relief from neuropathic pain but also rejuvenates the damaged nerve cells and protects them from damage.

Thus you can not only get relief but also ensure that your nerve cells remain healthy and you have lesser chances of falling victim again in the future.

The Nervigesic 150mg contains 50 mg of Pregablin and 100 mg of Methylcobalamin in each pill.

The Use of the Nervigesic 150

Nervigesic 150 relived you of the neuralgic pain or neuropathic pain that is a pain in the nerves.

Sometimes the nerve cells undergo severe damage to the cells due to various disorders like diabetes, shingles, or an injury to the spinal cord. If you take the Nervigesic 150 mg drug then you will be able to get relief from the chronic pain caused due to the damaged nerve cells.

Pregabalin will control the calcium channel activity in the nerve cells which gives the patient a soothing relief from the pain.

It also helps the patient to get cured of associated problems of neuropathic problems like sleep disorder, extreme tiredness, and sudden mood changes.

Thus taking the Nervigesic 150mg will help you to improve the overall quality of your life.

What is The Right Nervigesic 150 Dosage?

Nervigesic 150 is to be used only when recommended by the doctor. Now, the standard dose for the anticonvulsant pill is one pill taken regularly.

You should take one pill daily at approximately the same time each day to ensure that a constant level of Pregabalin and methylcobalamin remains in your body.

Apart from the 150 mg dose, there are different doses available to such as the 75 mg dose and the Nervigesic 300 mg dose.

The selection of the ideal dose for Nervigesic should be left out to the doctor only. This is quite a complex process and depends on an assessment of the various internal conditions of the patient such as age, health, diseases present, sensitivity to either Pregabalin or methylcobalamin, etc.

What Happens if you take too much Pregabalin Nervigesic 150?

Taking too much Pregabalin or an excess dose of Nervigesic is not recommended at all. This can soon crop in the side effects associated with the excess dose.

It is to be remembered that no two patients will have the exact side effects of an overdose. Too much pregabalin in your body can cause extreme tiredness, sleepiness, and fatigue.

The patient can also pass out on certain occasions if they are highly sensitive or allergic to Pregabalin and Methylcobalamin.

What Precautions Are Required With Nervigesic 150?

The patient needs to take the medicine daily in the dose mentioned by the doctor. Please don’t increase or decrease the dose suddenly without asking your doctor.

There should be a minimum time gap of 10 hours between the two successive doses of Nervigesic 150.

If it is already too mate then avoid taking the pill but take the next pill in time.

Nervigesic 150mg may contraindicate with other anticonvulsant medicines and some other substances in medicines. You are asked to inform the doctor of any generic medicines, OTC drugs, or prescription medicines that you are using.

Avoid alcohol and drugs immediately before or after the use of Nervigesic 150mg. In general, you should completely avoid or reduce your alcohol and drug intake while on a regular dose of Nervigesic 150mg.

Do not do any activity that requires you to maintain a high level of focus and concentration such as driving a car. Drowsiness and sleepiness are the two most common side effects of Nervigesic 150mg.

What are the Possible Nervigesic 150 Side Effects?

The side effects of Nervigesic 150 can be both mild or severe.

The mild effects might keep repeating daily after taking the Nervigesic 150mg pill. But in most cases, it will subside gradually over time.

You are asked to visit a hospital or to your doctor upon such side effects beginning to show up.

In any case, any type of side effect whether mild or severe needs to be reported to the doctor.

Here are the mild side effects of Nervigesic 150mg





Lack of clarity and thought

Uncontrolled movements

Passing out

Difficulty in sleep

Pain in the forehead

Difficulty in breathing


Tremors in the body

Where to Buy Nervigesic 150 Online?

You should look to buy Nervigesic 150 only from the well trusted and renowned websites only. Make sure to ensure that quality of medicines and that they are exactly in the same composition and dosage as mentioned by your doctor.

The online mode of buying Nervigesic 150mg is simple and hassle-free. There are loads of online portals. Compare all the prices and choose the nest portal according to your budget.

How Does Nervigesic 150 Work?

Nervigesic 150 contains Pregablin and Methylcobalamin.

Pregabalin works by regulating the calcium channel activity in your cells. Methylcobalamin works by rejuvenating the cells of the nerves.

This ensures that all the damaged cells in the body are completely recovered.

Nervigesic 150mg has a problem with habit-forming. Do not take the medicine unnecessarily.

How to Take Nervigesic 150?

You should take the Nervigesic 150 pills with water. Just take out a pill and swallow them. Patients having swallowing pills need to consult the doctor.

Always ensure that you do not take it with alcohol or take any other drugs which can cause drowsiness.

There are no dietary changes that you need to undergo. You can have a normal diet while using Nervigesic 150mg.

Nervigesic 150 Storage Conditions

Nervigesic is best stored in a cool and dry place or normal room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight and too much wet or humid places to keep medicine.

Keep the pills out of the reach of small children and pets at home.

Nervigesic 150 Reviews

Nervigesic 150 mg has got good reviews from patients.

In most cases, it was observed that the patients have got major relief from neuropathic pain. In some instances, the patients could get recovery after some time but they too had positive results.

The chances of severe side effects were extremely rare. Some people had commented on getting minor headaches and drowsiness but that eventually went way in due course.

Why Buy Nervigesic 150 From Us?

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