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Can Coffee and erections Really Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Can Coffee and erections Really Help With Erectile Dysfunction

There have been numerous studies and research conducted in the field of how coffee is going to make a man more sexually active. Results have been showing surprising positive momentum that indeed it has some positive effects in uplifting your sexual desire.

Coffee is rich in caffeine everyone knows that. But what most people don’t know is the fact that coffee does indeed trigger a set of cascading effects resulting in relaxing of the penis arteries and tissues thus supplementing larger blood flow.

Coffee is also rich in polyphenols that boost testosterone levels which can increase your sexual feelings and the desire for having sex.

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does coffee good for erectile dysfunction
  • Although this is not accepted any form of general treatment studies have shown that taking in coffee will boost your erections.
  • Scientists and researchers suggest people taking in at least two cups of coffee a day.
  • But there is another set of people who suggest that there is no concrete evidence to show the benefits of caffeine on a man’s erections.
  • It is up to you to believe the effects that caffeine will have on your erections as per the theories and practical results.
  • If you indeed believe that coffee will boost you to get penile hardness then you can have few cups of coffee during the day preferable after meals.
  • You should speak with the doctor to know more about this and take an allopathic treatment through either medicine.
  • Keep taking in coffee as a supplementary form of food item that has benefits on getting harder erections but any significant changes might be hard to notice.

What does coffee mean sexually?

Coffee is rich in caffeine that helps a person suffering from ED both physically and psychologically.

Physically caffeine is going to boost your blood flow through the penis tissues. With higher penis sensitivity you can now get the desired hardness in erections.

Psychically it will boost sexual thoughts in your brain and make you come to the mood or generate a desire to have sex.

Does coffee make you sexually active

Coffee erectile dysfunction

coffee erectile dysfunction
  • Coffee seems to have a good effect on your erections according to some theories and studies.
  • But higher levels of coffee can induce other problems which may lead to worsening of your ED over time.
  • This includes an increase in cortisol hormone that will reduce testosterone levels. Higher caffeine will also result in making your blood vessels narrower and making your ED worse.
  • Thus it seems that coffee has dual effects both negative and positive as far as male erections are considered.
  • There is as such no specific coffee brand or origin of coffee seeds that seem to have more effect on your erections.
  • You can try out the most expensive Ethiopian coffee, Ghanian coffee, or Tanzanian coffee beans for maximum results although there is no practical evidence to support this.

Coffee and erections

coffee and erections
  • Coffee will have both positive and negative effects on your erections.
  • If you consume lower levels of caffeine then this will increase the vasodilation effect on arteries increasing the flow of blood.
  • On the other hand higher levels of caffeine can hinder your ability to get naturally hard erections.

Coffee and Viagra mix

  • Some scientists suggest that for the best ED cure you assort to a mix of Viagra and coffee daily.
  • But this is not for those who are susceptible to generic Viagra Sildenafil or those who cannot consume coffee.
  • But for those who do one pill of Viagra generic Sildenafil a day along with two cups of coffee is what the doctors are suggesting. 
Coffee and Viagra mix

Can coffee treat erectile dysfunction?

Can coffee treat erectile dysfunction
  • It is generally very arguable with two sets of people having two different ideologies.
  • One group is affirmative that indeed coffee has erection boosting power in it. By affecting you both physically and psychically coffee will help you get penile hardness.
  • There have been some studies to confirm the positive effects of caffeine in one’s erections but the results have not been conclusive.
  • Another group of people thinks that there is as such no positive confirmation of using coffee to get penile hardness.
  • According to their theory with no conclusive effect, it is better to rule out entirely that coffee will indeed bring in penile hardness.

Does Coffee increase testosterone?

Several tests and researches are done in this field show that there is an indication on caffeine boosting your testosterone levels.

The tests show that there has been an increase of around 15-50% in the testosterone levels in men.

But on the other hand test results have also shown that taking too much coffee or caffeine will gradually increase cortisol levels in your body and thus resulting in lowering testosterone levels.

Does Coffee increase testosterone

According to tests more than 800 mg of caffeine a day can be more than sufficient in raising cortisol levels and counteracting on increasing testosterone levels.

But in smaller doses, it indeed has a boost of testosterone in your body.

Is coffee good for men's sperm?

Is coffee good for men's sperm
  • Coffee seems to not affect a man’s sperm.
  • Several studies and researches show that there is no positive effect in the increase of man’s sperm or their mobility.
  • But nor does coffee seems to be degrading your sperm levels in your ejaculation.
  • Sometimes scientists have also suggested that an increase in testosterone levels in a man’s body due to higher caffeine intake can boost sperm levels but this is highly debatable.

Does coffee restrict blood flow?

  • As we have mentioned above that taking in caffeine can increase the flow of blood due to vasodilation of arteries.
  • But sometimes huge coffee intake can counteract this theory. It seems that someone taking high levels of caffeine a day might have more blood pressure.
  • Scientists argue on this fact but indeed sometimes the results of increased caffeine in your system can make blood vessels narrower.
  • With less space, there is a definite reduction in the amount of blood flowing through the nerves.
Does coffee restrict blood flow
  • Scientists have been shocked, to say the least, that high caffeine presence in your body can severely restrict normal blood flow thus alleviating blood pressure levels.
  • The results show that there is a reduction of blood flow of as much as 27% to the parts of the brain and other body parts.
  • Over a course of time, people with sustained blood pressure may suffer from neurological problems due to sustained pressure and even ED symptoms.
  • With less blood effectively flowing into the penis arteries, this means that you have difficulty in gaining penile erections.

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