Duvanta 60

Duvanta 60mg (Duloxetine)

Active Ingredient: Duloxetine
Indication: Depression, Anxiety disorder and Neuropathic pain
Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Packaging: 10 Tablets in a strip
Strength 60mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Duvanta 60mg (Duloxetine) - 60mg

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What is Duvanta 60?

  • Duvanta 60 is your solution for getting relieved from stress, depression, isolation or anxiety attacks and fibromyalgia(the medical condition of full-body muscle pain and fatigue).
  • Duvanta is manufactured by Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, an Indian multinational company headquartered in the tech hub, Ahmedabad but sold all across the world in nations like U.K, U.S.A, Japan and Canada etc.
  • Psychological disorders like depression and anxiety attacks are becoming common words that can be heard all over the world. The human has developed such technology that has kept itself from isolated from other humans.
  • Duvanta 60 is an antidepressant which works for reducing the stress levels in the brain by keeping a check on the levels of serotonin and noradrenaline.

Why you need Duvanta 60 for depression and anxiety disorder?

  • Duvanta 60 is one of the premier drugs prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists for their patients suffering from depression and anxiety attacks.
  • One may think that depression and anxiety attacks are normal mental conditions and not any serious issue, this sick mentality of us have let this disorder in spreading in our society. People who remain aloof from social circles, who have failed in exams or due to some reasons feel guilty of something are most vulnerable to falling in the trap of depression.
  • If not treated, depression can ruin your relationship with your loved ones forever, disrupt the job and lead you to addiction to drugs, alcohol etc.
  • So, to avoid such extreme situations you need to treat depression, anxiety or other mental ailments with the same care as you treat other diseases and in doing so Duvanta 60 will surely help you a lot.

What are the right Duvanta 60 dosages?

  • The correct dosage which doctors and specialist usually prescribe to patients is 1 pill in 24 hours but doctors may also change depending on some medical factors which only they know.

Duvanta 20

Duvanta 30

Duvanta 40

What happens if you take too much Duvanta 60?

  • One should generally avoid taking an excess quantity of Duvanta 60 because that can cause many serious ailments even than depression or anxiety attacks.
  • When you take too much Duvanta 60 in your body, the concentration of Duloxetine, which is the primary component of Duvanta 60 increases.
  • This leads to vomiting, lethargy, laziness, loss of concentration and focus, seizures, increase in blood rate along with the increase in stress levels and worse case, can lead to coma.

Duvanta 60 overdose

  • Doctors strictly do not permit for the overdose of the Duvanta 60, but in some situations when the patient becomes impatient as nowadays there is cheapest internet, advanced technology, but the only thing lacking is the patience.
  • So, to increase the effectiveness of the drug patients without consulting the doctor start consuming more pills at a time than prescribe to them, thinking that now the drug will work more quickly and effectively.
  • But what happens is the real opposite, instead of working more quickly the drug starts showing negative side effects which in turn causes more trouble to the patient.
  • The person suffers from oversleeping habits, even during the daytime, cannot concentrate on work, suffers from mood swings, change in behaviour patterns, high blood pressure and hypotension become normal terms for him/her.


  • Drugs work according to their normal function normally, but when you are currently under the medication of some other disorder or consuming some health supplements or under the addiction of any drug, in such situations, there are two different chemicals present in the body as it is surely possible that they may react.
  • Their reaction may have either good effects, neutral or negative effects.
  • To prevent all these problems, clearly tell your doctor about your current disorder apart from depression and other addictions like smoking, alcohol or drugs.
  • If you are suffering from headache and to reduce the pain you took aspirin, then it is advised not to take Duvanta 60 along with Aspirin.
  • If someone is taking pills to lower the serotonin levels, then Duvanta must be avoided with it, as Duvanta 60 Mg significantly increases the serotonin levels. In such a case the body had to face the consequences of reaction between two.
  • If there is some other medicine which also increases the serotonin concentration then it is advisable not to consume Duvanta 60, otherwise, it can lead to serotonin syndrome in which the levels of serotonin in the body are way above normal limits.


  • Precautions must be taken before taking any drug into your body because it is a matter of safety concern and the same goes while taking Duvanta 60.
  • Consult with your doctor whether you are allergic to Duloxetine or not,

Duvanta 60 Side Effects

  • Normally the side effects vanish away after a while, these are minor side effects, but when the side effects remain for a long period causing trouble to other parts of the body, this is dangerous ones which must be reported to doctors immediately. Some of the side effects of Duvanta 60 are:
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of concentration and focus
  • Bowel Problems

Why buy Duvanta 60 from all generic pills?

  • Whenever you ask a doctor whether one should buy a branded drug or a generic drug, a certified doctor will probably respond that it is safe and secure to go with branded ones despite the same composition in the generic pills.
  • The reason is that generic pills are manufactured by local companies who just copy the material in the branded ones, hence there is a risk of getting some other cheap substitute of Duloxetine which may harm ourselves.

How does Duvanta 60 work?

  • Serotonin is the chemical messenger which is responsible for making you feel happy, cheerful and positive. Depression occurs when the levels of serotonin dip below the normal levels which makes you feel alienated from the outside world.
  • When Duvanta 60, an antidepressant enters our body it facilitates the secretion of the serotonin from the pineal gland, the gland which also secretes multiple steroids.

How to take Duvanta 60?

  • Taking Duvanta 60 pills is an easy task just like consuming any other pills.
  • Take 1 or ½ glass of normal water and swallow the pill with it.
  • The thing to be noted here is that we should consume the pill only with water and not with any alcoholic or acidic juices.
  • Swallow the pill at once without chewing or breaking it into pieces.

Duvanta 60 storage conditions

  • Duvanta 60 can be easily stored in the favourable room temperatures without putting up any special storage equipment.
  • Any temperature from the range of 15oC to 40oC is considered the best temperature for the storage of Duvanta 60.
  • Keep the drug away from direct sunlight, so keep it in a dark and dry place where the humidity is low.
  • Kids and animals should not come in contact with the pills.

Duvanta 60 reviews

  • Duvanta 60 has till date cured millions of people across the globe of depression.
  • The review of Duvanta 60 on Allgenericpills.com are overwhelming and highly encouraging.
  • Order Duvanta 60 from All Generic Pills and share your reviews on how you felt after using Duvanta 60ssss.


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