Fertigyn 5000 (HCG 5000iu)

Active Ingredient: HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)
Indication: Female infertility, Male hypogonadism
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 1 Injection in 1 vial
Strength 5000iu
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Fertigyn 5000 (HCG 5000iu) - 5000 iu

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Fertigyn 5000 IU


Fertigyn 5000 IU Injection helps treat women’s infertility and treats hypogonadism in men, mainly due to low sperm count and delayed puberty. However, a set composition of the Injection called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin helps control the production of eggs from the female ovary prevents the release of the male hormone and boosts testosterone in men.

What is Fertigyn 5000 IU?

  • Fertigyn 5000 IU is an important injection use for treating infertility problems in women who are not suffering from menopause and for various testicular development issues. The medication also contains a glycoprotein hormone occurred during pregnancy. The Injection also restricts the breakdown of the corpus luteum present in female ovaries and thus, it also sustains progesterone release.
  • Women who cannot give birth to a child can choose Fertigyn 5000IU Injection, which is very beneficial in allowing women to get pregnant.
  • Fertigyn HP 5000IU Injection is prescribed for ovulatory infertility and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism treatment among women and men. Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism happens due to deficiency in the hypothalamus/ pituitary or the gonads.
  • This is one of the best-known injections in the market that give women chances to get pregnant and treat hypogonadism in men, so both men and women can take advantage of the Fertigyn HP 5000IU Injection.

Uses of the Fertigyn 5000 IU

  • Fertigyn 5000 IU injection is used to treat anovulatory infertility in women.
  • It is used to treat the Induction of ovulation.
  • The Injection has the best uses for the treatment of oligomenorrhea, and amenorrhea.
  • It prevents the growth of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and Cryptorchidism in men.
  • It is also helpful for the treatment of dwarfism.
  • This medication is the best Injection that obstructs delayed adolescence.


  • Fertigyn 5000 is an injection only given by nurses and healthcare experts.
  • The doctors will decide the time to take this Injection.
  • The dosage of Injection depends on your body’s requirements.
  • The Injection should be taken as long as it is recommended to you.


Taking an overdose of drugs can be risky for your health, and it may damage your kidney and affects your lungs or heart, do not take too much medication of the same.

Missed Dose

Missing a dosage of Injection causes certain health issues, so avoid missing a dose Injection.


  • Do not administer the Fertigyn 5000 IU injection yourself. Let your doctor should decide the timing of the Injection.
  • Before and after being injected, patients with any health condition before and after being injected should consult a doctor and stop taking medication.
  • Overdose can be dangerous.
  • Do not take this medication when you get pregnant.
  • Patients suffering from blood clots, ovarian cyst rupture, increase ovary size and, multiple pregnancies, blood clots, avoid this Injection and contact a healthcare expert.

Benefits of Fertigyn 5000 IU

  • The best thing about Fertigyn 5000 is that it prevents infertility conditions in women.
  • Also, treats hypogonadism problems in men.
  • Fertigyn 5000IU Injection comprises a hormone that aids in promoting the growth of egg production in a woman’s ovary and increases the number of eggs, known as the ovulation process.
  • The Injection also allows women to get pregnant quickly and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.
  • The Fertigyn 5000IU Injection also boosts testosterone levels in men and increases sperm release among males. Thus, it helps decreases infertility problems and treats hypogonadism in men.
  • The medicine has the lowest chances of side effects.
  • All online platforms sell out the medicine at wholesale and reasonable rates.

 How Does Fertigyn 5000 IU Work?

  • Generally, Fertigyn 5000 IU works by increasing the production of eggs in women’s ovary
  • In men, the Injection works by improving testosterone levels among them.
  • Fertigyn HP 5000IU Injection is injected into men that promote the interstitial cells and increase androgen agents that are helpful for the development of secondary sex features.
  • Furthermore, the Injection also boosts ovulation and follicles process in men. It also maintains the corpus luteum functionalities and increases the secretion of progesterone.

 How to Take Fertigyn 5000 IU?

Patients suffering from ovulation and hypogonadism should take Fertigyn 5000 IU injection, but it is only use per the doctor’s prescription; it should not be taken by self-care. Only the nurses and healthcare providers will consider the times for taking the Injection.

What are the Side Effects of Fertigyn 5000 IU?

Some common side effects of Fertigyn 5000iu Injection are:

  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Pelvic pain
  • Sleeplessness
  • Rapid weight gain

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Fertigyn 5000IU Injection painful?

Generally, most of the injections are painful while injecting. But Fertigyn 5000IU Injection causes mild pains, not much more painful. But if you continue to feel pains after using the Injection, contact a doctor.

Why do doctors recommend Fertigyn 5000IU injection for pregnancy?                       

Fertigyn 5000IU Injection is a hormone level that allows women to get pregnant immediately. The Injection stimulates egg production in the ovary of women. It promotes increased ovulation by increasing the release of women’s eggs. However, Fertigyn 5000IU Injection also cures and prevents infertility among women and increases sperm count. But, it is not use when you are pregnant.

Does Fertigyn 5000IU Injection cause breast tenderness?

Yes, Fertigyn 5000IU Injection often leads to severe breast pain and sometimes causes swelling of the breasts.

Thus, you can Buy Fertigyn IU 5000 Online at very reasonable prices, though it is one of the well-known injections helpful for treating infertility conditions in women, so visit our online medical store and get a Fertigyn 5000 IU injection at cost-effective prices now.

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