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Neugaba 150mg (Pregabalin)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Neuropathic pain, Epilepsy/Seizures and Fibromyalgia


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


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Neugaba 150mg (Pregabalin) - 150mg

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What is Neugaba 150?

Active substance Pregabalin is one of the chief components in one of the brand names Neugaba 150 mg pills.

For curing your neuropathic pain or treating shingles commonly known as herpes zoster infection you can use Neugaba 150 pills. A generic substance used in the medicines called Pregabalin is a medicine from the group of anti-epileptic medicines that can also be used in other combinations with other medicines to cure different types of seizures and neuralgia.

Manufactured and distributed by Sun Pharma around the world it is one of the best-known medicines for curing all types of complications of neural pain.

Why You Need Neugaba 150!

Many times people who have suffered from severe diabetes or an injury to the spinal cord can develop pain sensations in the nerves. This pain can be cured using the Neugaba 150 pills.

Each pill of Neugaba 150 contains 150 mg And Neugaba 75 of generic Pregabalin that helps cure seizures and even muscle pain and aches caused due to fibromyalgia.

Now, before taking the Neugaba 150 you must take a prior recommendation from the doctor on how much generic Pregabalin is safe for you to take daily.

The Use of the Neugaba 150

Neugaba 150 is used in the following cases and it is used as a pain-killing agent for neural pain caused due to various complications.

In neuropathic pain

The medicine is regularly used by people who have suffered from an injury to the spinal cord or sustained nerve damage due to high diabetes.

In epileptic seizures

The Neugaba 150 falls under a group of medicines called anticonvulsants and it is used for curing epileptic seizures in patients. Taking generic Pregabalin might take even a few weeks to show some significant action but keep taking this medicine and be in constant touch with your doctor.

In fibromyalgia

This is also a type of disorder where people have to suffer from neural pain. Taking generic Pregabalin Neugaba 150 pills will help you to reduce pain in the nerves, sudden mood change problems, and sleep problems that might crop up as side effects of nerve pain.

What is The Right Neugaba 150 Dosage?

As mentioned above that Neugaba 150 s just one of the pills. You can also get other doses under the same brand name.
The Neugaba 150 pills are to be taken only if the doctor has suggested you to do so.

In general, you should be cautious to use the medicine and do not overdose on generic Pregabalin.

People with a lower affinity for generic Pregabalin and taking an overdose can turn to be disastrous.

People with allergies to Pregabalin can develop harmful side effects as a result.

What Happens if you take too much Pregabalin Neugaba 150?

Taking too much amount of Pregabalin than what you require can turn out to be highly dangerous. If people don’t have much affinity or are allergic to it talk to the doctor on suggesting switching to alternate brands of medicines.

Also do not change the dose from time to time unless specified by the doctor. The withdrawal of your daily course should be done gradually by lowering the dose over some time.

Each person has different types of fitting based on which the best generic Pregabalin dose is recommended by the doctor.

What Precautions Are Required With Neugaba 150?

There are possible contraindications of generic Pregabalin medicine. These include-

Safety from alcohol

Possible contraindications can develop instantly if taken with alcohol. Make sure to completely stop taking alcohol while on regular use of generic Pregabalin.


There are limited numbers of researches and clinical studies to prove that active Pregabalin might be unsafe for pregnant women. Even in case you are planning for pregnancy while taking long-term treatment using Neugaba 150 pills inform the same to the doctor.

For breastfeeding women

Women who are currently having babied to breastfeed should maintain caution and for best advice speak to the doctor before subscribing to daily doses.

Driving a car

Sometimes a common side effect that may result from intake of Neugaba is dizziness and sleepiness. You should not be involved with any type of activity that requires you to maintain long term focus and concentration.

People with kidney and liver problems

People with preexisting liver and kidney disorders should review the results from a doctor first before taking generic Pregabalin regularly.

What to do in case of a missed dose?

For missed doses, avoid taking the pills in case it is too late and the next pill for Neugaba 150 is due in a couple of hours. try to take doses in time to maintain a constant level of Pregabalin in your body for attaining the best possible results.

What are the Possible Neugaba 150 Side Effects?

The side effects are something that the patients should be concerned about and be aware of right from the start.

Even some of the side effects mentioned below might need immediate medical assistance.

Check out more with your doctor and make an action plan on what needs to be done in some cases.

Some common side effects of generic Pregabalin includes-

Blurred vision



Problems with sleep

Dry mouth

Feeling unusually sleepy

Increasing weight

Swelling of the neck and throat

Where to Buy Neugaba 150 Online?

You can check out the various prices online as different portals are offering different prices on Neugaba 150.

Before buying from any portal it is important to check out the credibility of the website, the time is taken for you to reach the package right at your doorstep and some other charges that might be applicable such as taxes, customs duty depending on the country you are living in and local courier charges.

Among the many portals, you can try out checking out All Generic Pills that is highly entrusted by the users.

How Does Neugaba 150 Work?

According to medical science research, it is claimed that generic Pregabalin pills stop the abnormal electrical activity in the brain. People with anxiety disorders can get cured as it inhibits the chemical messengers that induce pain sensations.

How to Take Neugaba 150?

The use of water should be done to swallow one pill a day. Every means should be taken to avoid alcohol and the use of drugs before or after taking in generic Pregabalin.

Avoid breaking, crushing, or chewing the pills and simply look to swallow them.

The medicine can be taken during the day or even at night according to the convenience of the patient.

Neugaba 150 Storage Conditions

The best conditions for the storage of Neugaba 150mg are normal room temperature. Remember that the medicines should not be kept in highly moist and wet areas or under high heat.

For storage, purposes keep the medicine sachet out of the reach of your children.

Neugaba 150 Reviews

After going through a lot of reviews on Negaba 150 it has been found that most people have got tremendous benefits with long-term use.

The short term use of generic Pregabalin might not yield the best results as little significant change has been noticed in the patients within a few days or a week or two.

After conducting the course of action on various neuropathic patients the general chances of severe side effects were reported as extremely low and fit for continuing long-term treatment.

Neugaba 150 Capsules

Neugaba 150mg generic Pregabalin-containing medicines can help you with various disorders such as the development of shingles, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, and epileptic seizures.

Why Buy Neugaba 150 From Us?

When it comes to buying Neugaba 150mg online caution must be taken to ensure the best quality of medicines is bought especially when buying them online.



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