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ED Trial Pack (Sildenafil/Tadalafil/Vardenafil)

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil/Tadalafil/Vardenafil
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: Cenforce 100 = 50 Pills, Vidalista 20=50 Pills & Filagra Jelly = 7 Sachets, Vilitra 20 = 10 pills
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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ED Trial Pack (Sildenafil/Tadalafil/Vardenafil) - ED Trial Pack

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2 ED Pack/s $135 $67.5 /ED Pack
3 ED Pack/s $195 $65 /ED Pack
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What’s in the ED Trial Pack?

ED Trial Pack is made for those who want to try out different brands of medicines before choosing one.

You can also book your ED Trial Pack online on various portals.

Within each ED trial pack, you get three different types of medicines one made of each type of generic substance.

You have the option to choose from two different types of ED Trial Pack for branded medicines. There is also an ED Trial Pack that consists of generic medicines.

Ed trial pack generic

As mentioned above that you can either choose any one of the two ED Trial Packs for branded medicines or choose the generic pack.

As far as the generic pack is considered the generic pack contains-

  • Four generic Sildenafil tablets of 50 mg strength
  • Four generic Tadalafil tablets of 10 mg strength each and
  • Four Vardenafil tablets of 5 mg strength each.

How do I use an erectile dysfunction medicine ED trial pack?

You can go about choosing an ideal trail pack in the following way-

You can start by using the Viagra Sildenafil pills as they have shown to cause the best effects for most patients.

It is best to use all four pills of one brand to assess the conditions and then going on to start the next set of pills.

You also have to be very patient as this is a trial pack, not every medicine will work the same on you. Different brands of medicines show different types of responses in the same patient. One can be highly responsive to Sildenafil have good effects with Viagra pills but others might have the best responses for Cialis or even Levitra.

Different pills have different actionable times. For example, Viagra generic Sildenafil can stay active for around 6 hours while Vardenafil pills can sustain for around 12 hours. choose a medicine that suits your lifestyle the best.

How is the branded pack different from the generic?

There is nothing as such difference when it comes to the branded pack of medicines and the generic pills for ED treatment.

See, Viagra is just a brand name containing generic Sildenafil while Cialis has Tadalafil and Spedra pills contain generic Avanafil.

Generic pills are manufactured by different companies and branded ones are made by other pharma companies.

Also in the case of the generic pills, they have to pass stringent medical approvals and various testing phases before the medicine is finally revealed to the market.

Use an ED trial pack as per your need

As mentioned above that you need to try out the different medicines in your ED trial pack and choose what best suits you.

There are two different combinations of branded medicines.

Two of the ED trial packs contain two same pills. These are the Viagra and Cialis pills of the same strength.

The only pill that is different in two different branded medicines pack is one contains four pills of Levitra that contains Vardenafil while the other ED pack contains four pills of Spedra that contain generic Avanafil.

Why do men get erectile dysfunction?

ED or impotence as is the name used commonly can because due to varying physical disorders or even psychological disorders.

Even lifestyle factors can contribute to ED and these include-

  • Heavy smoking
  • Being highly addicted to alcohol

Thus it can be said that ED is a side effect disorder that crops up on the occurrence of certain physical and psychological disorders.

The list of physical disorders due to which ED can happen include-

  • Cardiac disorders
  • Nerve disorders
  • Liver and kidney disorders
  • Severe low blood pressure
  • Type-II diabetes
  • High cholesterol and
  • Obesity

The list of psychological disorders that can trigger ED are-

  • Taking excessive stress
  • Depression
  • Fear and
  • Anxiety or panic attacks

The ED trial pack holds

Each ED trial pack holds three different types of medicines. You have got an entire range of three different packs to choose from.

Two packs contain different branded medicines while another one is a generic medicinal pack.

Here are all the three ED trial packs that you get to choose from-

  • Pack 1

Four pills each of Viagra 50 mg, Cialis 10 mg, and Levitra 5 mg.

  • Pack 2

Four pills each of Viagra 50 mg, Cialis 10 mg, and Spedra 50 mg.

  • Pack 3

Four pills each for generic Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil.

  • Pack 4 – This Is Our Pack

Cenforce = 50 Pills

Vidalista = 50 Pills

Filagra Jelly = 7 Sachets

Vilitra = 10 Pills

Things to manage erectile dysfunction

You need to ensure that you visit a doctor immediately if you are experiencing difficulty in gaining or sustaining erections.

Many a time people are too shy and keep excusing themselves of vague reasons to visit a doctor.

If you have ED then you need to be aware of the potential consequences in your life. This will of course have a deep effect on your marital and sexual relationship with your partner.

How do oral tablet treatment for ED work?

Taking an ED pill such as Viagra will shut of the synthesis and secretion of PDE-5 hormones.

This enhances the productivity of the guanosine monophosphate hormone. Being highly unstable it changes to cyclical monomer in short cGMP.

Triggering the nitric oxide that relaxes the blood vessel tissues along with cutting down the PDE-5 hormones these pills can increase the flow of blood to the penis.

Higher blood flow eases your way to have harder and long-lasting erections.

Are the treatments in the ED trial pack available over the counter?

None of the ED trial pack medicines are available over the counter. You need to validate your buying with an authentic certified copy of the doctor or a physician prescription that clearly states the use of such drugs to be permitted to the patient.

Can I get the ED Trial Pack on the NHS?

Generally, you don’t get to buy all three medicines using one NHS prescription for one patient.

The use of various ED medicines is not certified by any doctor on the NHS prescription. At most, you get to try one of the medicines from any one pack.

How can I buy the ED Trial Pack online?

Compare the various ED trial packs and choose the best one for you. Then for buying online you can compare the prices of the ED pack on different websites.

You will generally recognize that the cost of the ED generic pack is less than the branded ED trial packs.

Ed trial pack cheap Available At All Generic Pills

If you are considering saving money while buying the ED trial pack go ahead and buy the ED pill generic pack. The generic pills cost low as the manufacturing pharma companies don’t invest in the branding and marketing or even too heavily for research purposes on the All Generic Pills.

Can the medications in the ED trial pack give me Side-effects?

Any ED pill whether it is branded or generic is after all composed of the same generic ingredient. And for your knowledge all the generic ED curing substances such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil or Vardenafil has more or less the same side effects as they work in the same way.

Here are the common side effects one might encounter-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Pain in the joints
  • Chest stiffness
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Blurred vision
  • Palpitations
  • Sleep problems
  • Chest pain

What should I do when my ED trial pack ends?

If you have had good experiences with one pill only go ahead take the doctor’s recommendation and use the pills.

If you have had good experiences with more than one of the medicines they also visit the doctor and find out which is the best drug out of the two.

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